2011 Season Goals

04 Oct, 2010

Winter is just around the corner and I’m anxiously awaiting the arrival of winter in Mammoth Lakes.  I cannot wait for the snow to take over the trees and to see this place in the full beauty of winter.  Each year I try to set new goals for the upcoming season and since I’m in a new location it means a lot of opportunities to progress.  It’s hard to believe it’s my 17th year of snowboarding but it means more opportunity for progression and continuing the fun of snowboarding.

This is my first winter in Mammoth so I’m definitely excited to ride this new mountain.  It seems like a lot of new riding potential with freeriding and in the park.  Plus new riding partners to meet!

Days on snow:

For the last couple years 100 days on snow has been my main goal but I also recognize that might not always happen.  Last year ended with a 151 days which was amazing to have that opportunity and now I just hope to keep riding when I can.  I’m really happy to be at Mammoth which can have a long season of riding and ride new locations this winter.


Last winter was my longest strongest season and I felt really good this summer at Mt Hood.  It wasn’t until the end of summer that my knees started to feel the long season impacting them.  So for this season, it’s keeping the knees in good strength and staying healthy with my lifestyle.


I ended the summer at Mt Hood with some new tricks and feeling a lot more comfortable in the park.  I’m definitely going to keep riding park this winter especially in the variety of park riding that Mammoth has and be able to try out my park skills on new features/jumps.

Overall Riding:

My big goal for overall riding is just to have fun, meet new people on the slopes and enjoy every day of riding.  I’m closer to family so it’d be great to enjoy some turns with family this winter and try out new locations around California.

My favorite photo:  Vancity Allie


One of the reasons I’m really happy to be in Mammoth is that there are a ton of snowboard events here which means less travel this winter.  I’m happy that with Mammoth, there’s June Mountain down the road which gives another amazing place to ride this winter.  Plus there are other CA resorts within driving distance.  It’s a whole new travel experience this winter since I’m in a new location.


One of the great things about this blog is keeping up the work I’ve accomplished, continuing to try out new gear this winter, riding reports and meeting new people to interview.

I’m looking forward to SIA being my big trip of the season so I can check out the latest gear and get the chance to test them at the on-snow demos.  It’s my favorite time of year and it’ll be fun returning to Colorado as a non-resident.

I’ll continue to have giveaways throughout the season.  I’ve got two board giveaways lined up and plenty of goodies on the way through my social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Looking forward to meeting readers from California and continue to have fun on the slopes this season!

What are your own personal goals for this winter for snowboarding, traveling?

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From the beginning of time, I was Shannon. From the beginning of snowboarding, I was Shay. From the beginning of online communities, I was Shayboarder. In the end, I’m the writer, photographer, editor, publisher, guru of sorts, product tester, curvy girl, and most importantly the snowboarder behind it all. Follow me on this journey through snowboarding, mountain biking, traveling and fun experiences!

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  1. October 04, 2010

    Days on snow goal is to figure out how to snag myself a seasons pass! Then it’s on to shredding my face off.

    Trick goals are mastering the 360(get it down so good that its as easy as getting off the chair lift), nollie front flip, handplant and not busting my face on rails! And a whole bunch of other tricks that float around my head.

    Health goals = getting health insurance and not busting face on rails.

    Travel goals don’t really exist as I started new job and cant take vacations for a while…good thing there are 5 local Spokane mountains for me to take turns shredding.

  2. JT
    October 04, 2010

    Right on Shay! I’m gonna focus on bigger lines this year. My knees aren’t much for park riding this year, so maybe a few boxes, or so. I’ll definitely be heading out to Mammoth to hang for sure! Congratulations again!

  3. tooscoops
    October 07, 2010

    i just want to get back to riding a few more days… i had been consistantly getting more days in each year, but last year, i hit a wall and only hit about 20… with so much going on in my life, i really want to find a happy balance that allows me to get out a bit more. given, i don’t have the terrain that many of your readers have, i’d still like to get out there more often. i have no partcular riding goals as i want to see how i feel once i’m out there… all i hope is for progression in some aspect.