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13 Oct, 2010

Not many snowboard companies are creating their own content let alone videos that go in depth into original stories.  Planet Earth Outerwear fits a different mold and not long ago introduced their Perspective series to the public.  They document real life inspiring stories about people in our sport and bring something to the table, so rare that it’s a breathe of fresh air to our industry.  I caught up with Planet Earth’s Ryan McBride  and Jason Levinthal to find out the story behind Perspectives.

Shay: How did you come up with the idea for Perspectives?
Most other brands in action sports are all doing the same thing as each other when it comes to marketing. They pay a high profile athlete a lot of money to wear their products and then promote it to consumers. We wanted our marketing to not only stand out from the rest, but also give back to the sports we live for, by documenting and promoting stories about real-life people in our sports that are making a difference with an inspiring perspective that you may not have otherwise known of or considered. The Perspectives tag line is as literal as it gets, “Not all bros are pros, these are their stories” always told from their perspective in hopes their passion will inspire others.


Shay: How do you select the stories/people for Perspectives?
We’ll receive a random email, call or just be having a conversation with someone and they mention hearing about someone doing something unique and we investigate further from there. I’ve got a good size list of potential stories and then each season we pick two or three to run with.

Shay: How much time and effort goes into each video?
We’ll have a filmer or two spend a couple of days documenting the person in their world, get a few interviews and collect imagery. Then it takes about 10 days of editing to create 4-5, two minute video parts. I’ll separately spend an hour or more on the phone with them to get the written interview created and then source some supporting photos.

Shay: Where can people check out the latest Perspectives?
Check out www.Planet-Earth-Clothing.com/Perspectives

Shay: What are some upcoming Perspectives that people can look forward to?
Just this week we’ve launched some winter stories. One about Dave Seoane the snowboarder from back in the day that now makes super unique furniture. We’ve also done one on Grease Bus who runs a shuttle from the city to the mtns for $10 a ride all on re-used restaurant grease. There’s also one on 333 Skis who builds ski out of a trailer in the desert run on solar power off the grid of which even the trailer itself is made of recycled materials.

Shay: Thank you Ryan McBride and Jason Levinthal and Planet Earth for giving the dirt on Perspectives!

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    October 14, 2010

    thank u for this interesting iformation
    I saw only ad. about this videos and did not got what it about

    the idia is goo: “Not all the bro’s are pros”)))