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28 Oct, 2010

It’s not every day that the dream job of being a snow bum and making 10,000 a month comes alive – but this year Canyons recognized the power of online media when they offered the perfect job and home for this winter. A couple weeks ago I saw the job and was blown away by how rad it sounded, it’s a dream for many skiers and snowboarders and now one lucky person will live the dream. Canyons is offering up the Ultimate Mountain Gig Contest with a deadline just weeks away.

It looks like you can come to expect more from the Canyons and I can’t wait to see how this Ultimate Mountain Gig pans out for one lucky skier or snowboarder.


Joe Johnson from the Canyons marketing staff was kindly enough to help with finding out more about the Ultimate Mountain Gig and with my own curiousity what this entails for the Canyons.

Shay: This is a big step into how ski resorts can use social media to reach customers, what made The Canyons decide to create this new opportunity?
The idea for the Ultimate Mountain Gig was generated because Canyons is acutely aware of the power of social media and bloggers…we have an opportunity to allow someone a lifestyle that many people would be envious of.

Shay: Can we expect this exciting job to be available for future seasons?
The success of the Ultimate Mountain Gig has definitely got us thinking of other ways to use social media that are different, outside of the box and unique to The Canyons Resort.

Shay:  Thanks to Joe at the Canyons and good luck to everyone entering the contest!

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    November 01, 2010

    great find, I’d love the job.