Mount your skate deck giveaway winner!

23 Oct, 2010

As I mounted up my skate deck on the wall this week and had an extra Sk8ology mount lying around, I realized it’d be a good deed to give it away to someone who might appreciate their skate deck on the wall.  I asked you to write about a skate deck that inspires you and one you’d like to mount on your wall to showcase in order to pick a winner.  It was fun to do something a little different than the typical snowboard giveaway and work with such a small item but I’m happy to be able to give it to someone who deserves it.

A huge thanks to Sk8ology for sending an extra skate mount when I ordered mine and definitely recommend them for such a great shop to buy from online.

Sk8ology Skate Mount WINNER: Red!

Here is what Red put for his comment:

I recently purchased a 2010 Powell Peralta RE-ISSUE Elephant deck. This one was signed by Mike V. to support the GRIND FOR LIFE fundraiser. It is deck #3 from that unique series. I have since been pondering what exactly to do with it…

I asked Mike V what to do, and he said I should probably mount it…

More info:

I have a spot for it on the wall, please consider sending the sk8ology deck mount my way.
I will follow up with pictures.

Congrats to Red and everyone who entered the contest, thank you for participating!

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