Review: Burton AK Blitzer Windstopper Hoodie

15 Oct, 2010

Intended Purpose: The Burton Windstopper Hoodie is meant to be lightweight, windproof and breathable.  Plus it’s warm meaning you stay warm underneath it and it keeps you dryer than you’d think.  Normally I wouldn’t review a “hoodie” but this isn’t your average hoodie when it comes with a Gore-Tex name on it.

Fit: It’s an average Burton fit so whatever size you typically wear you’ll do fine in your average size on this one.  I prefer things a little bigger so I find it not my ideal size for always wearing on the mountain but when I use it as a layer or jacket around town…the fit works fine.

Appearance: I received the windstopper in last year’s curaco dyed yarn plaid which is just a mix print of blue/brown all over plaid.  I actually wasn’t a fan of the color at first but ended up completely falling in love with it.  Not sure I could pull off plaid ( i have curves, haha) all the time but eventually i got over it.  The design of the windstopper hoodie is rather simple but it has oversized pockets which are great for colder days keeping your hands in them and for me a very sturdy zipper that works!

Features: This is a Gore-Tex windstopper hoodie which means it’s meant for windproof.  Think of mountains like Breck or Mammoth where it’s sunny but windy and you have the ideal hoodie for that.    It’s built to be lightweight, windproof with a highly breathable membrane that keeps you 250% warmer than traditional insulators (like fleece).  It has accelerated moisture wicking so if it does get wet, you won’t know it long and it features dryride thermex interlock fabrication which as a fan of dryride I like that it just helps keep the material dryer on the slopes.

Durability: I worn this jacket from the beginning of last fall throughout the winter season.  On the warmer but still cold days it was the hoodie I could ride in and on the really cold days it was beneath my jacket offering up warmth as a layer.  It was also my main jacket that I would wear around town/to work during the winter to stay warm but not bulked up.   As for durability from Gore-Tex, you don’t have to ask how much effort they go into testing and making sure their materials are the top end/lasting deal.

Thoughts: During our visit to Gore-Tex we hung out in the wind chamber with 15 degree temps and winds coming at you, while standing in the hoodie it was an easy “must buy” because you stayed warm in just a hoodie.  I ended up getting the hoodie mostly because of that test in those conditions and knowing that some mountains I go to would be exactly like that.  It definitely comes with a higher price tag but it’s a good fit for those wanting a softshell year round that won’t quit on you.

Throughout the winter I kept the hoodie as a awesome layer and jacket I could wear on the slopes for those warm but still cold days.  It was a great jacket for days at Breck when I just needed something more than a t-shirt but that would stop the wind on those last minutes of the chairlift.  The quality and durability were right on touch with Gore-Tex.

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On-snow photos

Burton AK Blitzer Windstopper Hoodie Description


Review Disclosure: This product was given to me from Gore-Tex.

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  1. October 15, 2010

    you say, “I ended up getting the hoodie mostly because of that test””

    then at the bottom in your review disclosure it says, “This product was given to me from Gore-Tex.”

    How do both those statements work together?

  2. October 15, 2010

    Martin, good question! When I was with Gore-Tex I had a $300 limit to get whatever I wanted at their local store. I could have bought an AK jacket or really anything with the Gore-Tex name…so I had a choice and went with the windstopper hoodie.

  3. Alan P. Sanders
    November 20, 2011


    So you think this is better than fleece under your jacket? I tried it on at the shop and I liked the fact that it has no bulk. Just want to confirm you think it’s good enough for your underlayer.


    Alan P.

  4. November 25, 2011

    It might be a bit warm as an underlayer but depends how thick your jacket is.