Testing the Banshee Bungee in Mammoth Lakes

12 Oct, 2010

The recent snowfall in Mammoth Lakes, California offered up nearby die-hard snowboarders a chance for jib sessions on the rails set up near Mammoth resort or the use of logs/down trees in the wilderness.  I had a crew of friends from Tahoe make their way down last week to get in a snow session and get to test out the banshee bungee for the first time.   One of the best perks about the banshee bungee is you don’t need to built a drop in, you can use a flat environment and tie it to something nearby the feature you want to hit.  Riders Claire and Chris were on hand to experience it with photographer Geno capturing the fun last week.

The bungee makes it so any rider can attach it to an object near the feature they want to hit and get enough momentum to hit the object using the elastic cord to give them enough speed to hit the feature.  Any rider looking to film on urban features or in the wilderness can find the bunshee a benefit to them without having to haul or build a drop in ramp to session.

Setting up the bungee on a tree

Photo:  Geno Fonderoli

I’ve known Claire since Colorado so it’s great to see her out riding/living in Tahoe this season.  Last year she took home the women’s win for Backyard Bang and she’s one of those female snowboarders who is always up for riding no matter the time of year or conditions.  This year she’s riding for Flow Snowboards, Essi eye wear, Onus arts, Shred Betties and Akinz and the recent snowfall gave her the perfect opportunity to come visit Mammoth.  It was her first time trying out the banshee and when asked later about it, she said  “gives you the right speed to hit urban and other features that you could not hit before. The banshee will help any rider progress regardless of their riding ability.”

Photo:  Geno Fonderoli

At the end of the day they got the photos they wanted, shredded up the log and ended the day on a high note.

Photo:  Geno Fonderoli

I joined the group after their day on snow in Mammoth and was stoked to see the shots that came out from using the banshee.  It’s definitely one of those products that regardless of skill if you are going to be hitting features outside of the park, it’ll help make it easier to get the speed for them.

Thanks Claire, Chris and Geno for capturing it on camera!

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  1. October 12, 2010

    Hell yeah Claire! Killing it!

  2. Kara Castaldo
    October 12, 2010

    Good to hear you got some snow over there to play with! Hope it won’t be long till we get some here on the east coast. The Banshee has been on the top of my x-mas list since Aug. lol What size did you use?

  3. October 12, 2010

    Kara, that’s the outlaw slinger which is the 20 foot banshee. Most of the snow melted this week so hoping for more soon!

  4. October 19, 2010

    def go for the 20ft. the 10ft was made more for skating and after buying the 10ftr last season we immediatly turned it in for the 20ftr. not enough speed AT ALL with the 10ftr.