Buy a piece of Kingvale

02 Nov, 2010

A couple weeks ago it was announced that Kingvale, a little park only mountain lost its lease and since then has been trying to find a new location.  Unfortunately it looks like the latest news from Kingvale means the end as the equipment behind Kingvale is up for sale.  Mark Sullivan was at Kingvale recently and from the looks of it, is helping sell off the equipment that helped make the park operational.  The rails/boxes/lifts are all up for sale and anyone can buy a piece of Kingvale.

Rails/boxes and lots more equipment for sale on

It’s unfortunate to see this happen and hopefully Kingvale will be able to rise once again.  If anything they gave a cheap option of snowboarding to many in the Tahoe area and a chance for many people to get into snowboarding that otherwise might not have.

Have you ridden Kingvale, what are your thoughts?

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  1. puffinFeds
    November 02, 2010

    Good to see you at the absinthe premiere in Seattle this fall Shay. Kingvale used to be one of the reasons Tahoe sounded appealing for shredding. They had a fun looking set up, low prices, and an overall vibe that was healthy for snowboarding. I was bummed to here they lost their lease a few weeks back, even worse to hear that they have to give up everything else as well. Just another example that doing it your way in snowboarding always has its barriers. Big Up Yourselves Kingvale for making it happen as long as yall did.

  2. TeeHee
    December 23, 2010

    I’m sure “Big-Ski” didn’t like what was going down. “They” need to keep those ticket prices above $70 and any $20 option “just will not do”.

    The owner, feeling pressure from “Big Ski” and the Forestry Dis-Service, folded like a cheap rim.

    Just a theory, but it has happened before, and history often rhymes.