Catching up with Ellery Hollingsworth

01 Nov, 2010

The future is bright for women’s snowboarding and one of those bright stars is pro snowboarder Ellery Hollingsworth, who at 19 has accomplished so much in snowboarding and helps drive women’s snowboarding to higher levels.  In 2009, Ellery was the first female rider to land a 1080 in the halfpipe and she recently celebrated her “Ellery Out of Bounds” show on Fuel TV which covers her trip into the BC backcountry with Gatorade.  With an incredible list of sponsors, Ellery gives input on women’s gear from Nike 6.0 and Burton to help create better products for the female riders out there.  Last winter, Ellery spent some time in the backcountry with a scientist from the Gatorade Sports Science Institute to observe and learn more about the physiological demands of the snowboarding when it comes to hydration and nutrition habits.  Ellery continues to update to her blog and twitter on her adventures, but we wanted to check in with Ellery after her Fuel show launch and plans for this winter.

Photo:  James Sullivan

Shay: You had an amazing season last year with your 1080 in the superpipe, what are your current goals and ambitions for this upcoming season?
Ellery: This upcoming season I would like to do the main contests, and I would also like to film more in the backcountry and shoot more photos.

Shay: You have an upcoming premiere with Fuel TV can you give us some more detail on what your show will be about?
Ellery: The Show is about Gatorade bringing me on my first heli trip. We went to Snow Water B.C. and while I was riding pow, Gatorade had a scientist from the Gatorade Sports Science Institute there testing me the whole time to see how they can help me better fuel my body so I have the energy to ride all day.

Photo:  Laura Austin, Snowboarder Magazine

Shay: What was it like to work with a scientist from the Gatorade Sports Science Institute (GSSI) in the backcountry last winter?
Ellery: I learned so much. One day I actually lost about three pounds in water weight because it was such a long day, and I wasn’t hydrating and fueling my body correctly.

Shay: What was the testing process like with Gatorade?
Ellery: I’ve tested with Gatorade twice, and both times were very different. It’s hard work, but in the end, I learn so much about my body and training, that I feel so fortunate to be asked to do the testing.

Shay: What have you learned about hydration on the mountain from your testing studies with Gatorade?
Ellery: I have learned that the combination of electrolytes and the carbohydrates help keep me going throughout the day. Obviously you need to eat as well, but I was very surprised at how much I actually sweat when I was riding, even in bitter cold conditions. Also, I learned that it’s not enough to fuel and hydrate just before I ride, but that I need to fuel by body during and afterwards.

Photo:  James Sullivan

Shay: How is it working with your sponsors Nike 6.0 and Burton when it comes to developing and testing their women’s products?
Ellery: Nike 6.0 and Burton are so amazing to work with. I’m very lucky to have both of their support. Burton makes the best hard goods in snowboarding, and I’ve been on Burton boards since I started, so It’s amazing to be a part of the brand. I just helped Nike 6.0 come out with the first 6.0 Women’s apparel line, and being able to have input on that was really exciting, and I learned quite a bit about my own style throughout the process!

Shay:  Thanks Ellery! Check out Ellery Out of Bounds as well as bonus footage at

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