Goggle Review: Spy Bias

24 Nov, 2010

Intended Purpose: The Spy Bias is designed for smaller faces with a reduced frame size and feature a sleek, low profile goggle for female riders to make their snowboarding experience better fitted and more fun.

Location: I started riding these goggles in the early season here at Mammoth Mountain.

Conditions: I’ve spent the majority of time riding these on bluebird sunny days and some overcast conditions.

Color: I received the Bias in the black gold colorway which I’m really digging.  I like the sleek black frame and the outline of the gold just makes it look even better.  I’m not a fan of gold either but this is tastefully done.  The strap is black with the signature spy logo in gold.

Lens: I’ve been rocking the gold mirror lens which is perfect for blocking out the sun on sunny days.  In the picture where I’m outside you can see the full reflection of the mountain and can’t see my eyes.  On overcast days it has some visibility but definitely like the lens for bluebird days the best.

Fit: The bias are a favorite goggle when it comes to fit and rocking female specific.  The frame is smaller so it hugs the face and even though I typically have problems with goggles fitting the bridge of my nose, the bias fit just fine and lock-tight. It felt snug around my whole face without any air coming through.  It also fits when I wear a helmet, I can wear the goggles just fine with my sandbox helmet.

Helmet Compatibility: I’ve been rocking the Bias with my Sandbox helmet.  I wear a beanie underneath the helmet to make it more comfortable and eliminate gaper gap so the goggles just fit snug on my beanie and underneath the helmet.

Visibility: The bias are a smaller frame goggle which means less peripheral than bigger frames but there was still decent peripheral on the slopes and enough to see people out of the corner of the eye.

Features: The bias goggles feature a flexible frame for smaller faces and have a variety of features that are distinct to Spy goggles.  The patented scoop ventiliation technology that helps reduce lens fogging which I didn’t encounter any fogging yet so still going to be testing out that.  The triple layer isotron face foam with moisture wicking fleece helps make the goggle super comfortable around the face and helps not fog up the goggles.  The easy release comes in handy for taking off the goggles quickly.  So far the anti-fog, anti-scratch protection has helped when I completely ate it and didn’t have any damage to the goggles despite the hard slam to the ground.  The goggle strap has grip on it, so if you put it over the helmet, it won’t slide around or move on the slopes.

Durability: I had quite the fall with these goggles on.  I slammed my face into the snow off a box but no damage to the goggles just a nice bruised cheek from the slamming.  The goggles don’t even have a scratch on them.

Thoughts: For rocking the smaller frame on the mountain with good fit around my nose, the bias are an ideal choice.  In the past I knew they were a solid goggle and looking forward to rocking them all season long.  They are really comfortable with the foam around the nose, the smaller frame works for my face and helmet plus the lens is good on bluebird days which Mammoth has a good amount of.  I was really impressed when I slammed and there wasn’t a scratch on the lens so it’ll be fun to keep testing the anti-scratch (although I probably won’t sacrifice my body next time for it).

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On-snow photos

Spy Bias Goggle Description

Review Disclosure: This product was given to me from Spy Optic.

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  1. 2 Buck
    November 24, 2010

    Thanks Shay! Good review. I heard Mammoth just got another dump. It’s time to ride!

  2. Yessi
    November 24, 2010

    I definitely have a pretty big head/face for a female, and the Bias still works for me. Also, they make me look like a cyclops. Woop!