Mammoth 11/12/10

12 Nov, 2010

Now that Mammoth is open and I work right on the mountain, it means being able to ride midweek for a ride/lunch break.  Today I headed up alone and just wanted to cruise/lap the groomers to try out the new Rome Agent Rocker for a couple turns.  Huge thanks to Joel/Graham for letting me borrow the board to try out.

California so far reminds me of the best parks of Colorado: Bluebird skies and snow!

Earlier in the day, Joel dropped off the Rome Agent Rocker for me to borrow until they need it back.  It’s fun to be back on snow, being able to ride new boards and review them again.

I mostly just cruised around today, riding different chairlifts and new runs to check out the mountain.  I wore my helmet of course and there’s plenty of rocks out so it’s a wise choice to put a lid on it.

Conditions were snowpacked and icy in spots.  I didn’t get up till 2pm so the sun was going down which meant colder temps and some icy spots.  Compared to yesterday there’s some worn areas where you can see dirt but overall most of the mountain has good coverage for opening weekend.  Plus it’s a ton of terrain to ride.

As I was heading up chair 6 that goes over the park, I saw familiar outerwear hitting the park and waited at the bottom for Jeremy.  We rode together at Boreal a couple weeks ago.  I ended up riding with him for a lap to get some shots of him hitting the Unbound features.

Jeremy over the bonk feature

Jeremy on the dance floor

Goals for tomorrow are to start hitting park features again and keep riding the Rome Agent Rocker.  Today I just enjoyed cruising, cranking the tunes and playing around.

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  1. Michael
    November 12, 2010

    Good to see you have decided that having a brain means wearing a helmet.

  2. Daniel
    November 13, 2010