Mammoth 11/13/10

14 Nov, 2010

From the snowboarding to the parties to the premieres to the concert…there was something for everyone in Mammoth on Saturday.  It was the day that proved to me, how rad Mammoth can be.  Of course like any great day, it started with snowboarding.  I celebrated Friday night at Hyde for the Unbound Magazine Launch party but made sure to collect myself bright and early for a fun day of snowboarding.

This winter I have a part time roommate, Matt from Arbor who will be up on weekends to ride.  I met Matt when I visited Arbor and it’s rad to have him staying with me throughout the winter.  He came in last night and we hit up the mountain today for the first turns of the day.

After a stop in to get water and hydrate up for the day, I ran into Cope on the sundeck.  I met Cope this summer when the Neff RV came to Windells Camp so it was rad to run into him and his friends.  I ended up taking a break to hang out with them and then we lapped the rest of the day together.

In the Unbound Park was the Red Bull DJ truck cranking the tunes all day.  The park kept busy with all the pros in town and they continue to push out new features when they can.

The rest of the mountain is hardpacked conditions that softens up during the day and bumpy in spots.  There’s more rocks showing through but it makes for some fun ollie features to play on.  I also hit a couple rocks and had a good mark on the Rome Agent Rocker.

An afternoon of shredding turned into some drinks on the sundeck where I ran into James Sullivan from, they’ve got action sports covered from every angle.  Both of us were rocking bloody mary’s to help make the day easier.

One of the things that was super rad was just the industry people in Mammoth, it reminded me of SIA but being in the mountains just having fun snowboarding.  I ended up meeting up with Pat from Red Bull and a bunch of new people that were just fun to be around.

Quiksilver and Roxy had RV’s in the parking lot representing

After the day of shred I headed home to get in a nap since the couple hours of sleep the night before was starting to hit.  By 6pm it was time to head to the Transworld 200th Issue Party that was going on at Hyde.  I headed there with Ashley who does Mammoth’s snow reporting and we started the night of drinking.  It was fun to run into Zac Marben again, he’s such a nice guy and we had some good talks about his mustache.  Remember it’s Movember and I’m giving away a K2 Fastplant so show off your stache to win!

A bunch of companies had tents set up in the village with stickers and free stuff to giveaway.

Finally the end of the night began with the Another Day in Paradise premiere in the Village.  Plenty of people stood around to watch the latest film from Mammoth with a bunch of pro riders in it.  I saw the film a couple weeks ago and had to get up to the Sounds concert to help check ID’s for the show so didn’t watch the movie a second time.

The Sounds played at Canyon Lodge and I was able to check out some of that show before heading down to Hyde/Laka for drinks the rest of the night.  Huge thanks to Pat from Red Bull for taking care of me and everyone for hanging out.  Saturday was such a fun day on the mountain and around the village.  As you can tell it was so much fun that I didn’t get on the computer all weekend so now playing catch up with blogging/emails.

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  1. Jason Budden
    November 14, 2010

    This makes me dislike Australia 🙁

  2. Jake
    November 15, 2010

    I’d figure the giant spiders taking over your towns would make you dislike australia Jason…