Mammoth 11/14/10

14 Nov, 2010

Today was rough after yesterday’s riding and partying but I managed to crawl out of bed, hit up the bagel co for breakfast and get to the mountain for some shred time.  Today was a chill day on the slopes, just cruised with co-workers and then chatted on the sundeck to end out the day.  I finally hit up some park features so that was the best of the day progress.

It’s been bluebird and hardpacked on the mountain since opening day but still some spots with leftover pow from the storm (very little).  I headed up with Dan for a couple laps in the afternoon before calling it a day and succumbing to bloody mary beers.

Me on the mountain rocking the helmet and busting out the new spy bias goggles to try out

Ended the day on the sundeck with James Sullivan, Pat Stahl and the Fuel TV crew.  It was fun catching up, meeting new people (and twitter people) and just enjoying the sunshine.

Today was such a low key day that I didn’t take as many shots, just cruised and tried to make it through it.  The weekend was such a blast but exhausting, looking forward to some real sleep tonight!

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