Mammoth 11/25/10

25 Nov, 2010

I spent Thanksgiving morning in Mammoth getting in some last minute work before the holiday began and to say thanks on the slopes for having a mountain like Mammoth in my backyard now.  It was also a couple laps to get another day on the Arbor Eden which I’ll be reviewing soon so wanted to just ride it again with more runs on it.

I thought Colorado was sunny until I moved to Mammoth.  It’s sunny whenever it’s not snowing and I like the sun so it’s been great on the mountain.

Woolly the Mammoth mascot out getting high fives and hugs from guests of all ages.  It’s pretty fun to see adults get stoked on woolly.

After a couple laps by myself, I ran into Daniel and his friends so ended up getting in a couple laps with them through the park.  Since my last crash, I’ve been just freeriding and not going to try anything yet.  But soon I will.

Testing out the 2011 Arbor Eden in a mix of conditions.  Camber to me isn’t dead, I enjoyed being back on it very much.  I like a mix of boards but definitely camber is always like coming home, you know it’s worth the visit and it’ll make you feel good.

After the morning at Mammoth, it was off to Tahoe for Thanksgiving dinner with the family and to shred Sugarbowl.  That update soon.

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