Put a sock on it

22 Nov, 2010

I have one dresser drawer devoted entirely to snowboard socks because quite frankly I love new socks.  There are a mix of brands from eesa (RIP) to Fox River, Smartwool to Burton.  Socks make great stocking stuffers, gifts and they keep your feet warm on the slopes.  Snowboard socks might not seem that important but they can keep your feet warm and cozy so your day on the mountain is even better.

Forgot cotton socks because those aren’t snowboard socks.  Cotton is not good for the mountain, will not keep your feet dry and can give you blisters so just leave them at home when it comes to snowboarding.

For the last couple years I’ve switched around between socks but usually always stick to thinner socks than thicker.  When I get new boots, I wear thin socks since I need to break in the boots and when the boots start to pack out, I’ll wear thicker socks in them to take up more room.  But never doubling up on socks, that’s just a recipe for blisters.

A bad fitting sock does this:

  • Bunches up in the snowboard boot
  • Cuts off circulation
  • If a sock doesn’t wick properly…your foot will get cold and wet (most typical with cotton socks)

A good fitting sock does this:

  • Stays on your foot without bunching
  • Keeps your foot warm
  • Offers comfort in the right places
  • Allows excellent wicking to keep your feet dry

When I get snowboard socks, I look for the materials used like nylon, acrylic, wool and polyester.  Snowboard socks generally offer cushioning in spots like the shin, heel, back leg and bottom of toes to help with comfort.  Elastic is used to keep the socks on your feet with no sagging or bunching up.  Colors are fair game, I love the bright designs of eesa (RIP) but also rock moderate colors like Fox River.

Here’s a couple of the socks I have in my drawer this season.

My favorite socks are Eesa (RIP)

Eesa is finished but their socks live on.  When they had their going out of business sale, I bought up as many pairs of socks as I could.  I have the polka dots, plaid, stripes, B4BC socks.  They are the perfect fit, good material and I like the brightness.

Fox River

This is my first time rocking Fox River socks but Erik gave me a pair in Washington and I’m totally happy with the fit.  I wore them today on the mountain for my pow riding and super comfy while keeping my feet toasty warm.


A very popular solid choice for socks is Smartwool out of Steamboat, Colorado.  They do a fine job of making products that are meant for the outdoors and their socks are amazingly good.  They also last a long time, I have yet to see any of my Smartwool socks with wear/tear.


Since the Burton socks I own are thicker material, I usually save them for when my boots pack out or really cold days on the mountain.

So what socks are you rocking this winter?  Any other brands that are your favorite for the slopes?

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  1. Karmatose
    November 22, 2010

    The teko Merino medium snowboard sock is quite possibly the most comfortable/warm snowboard sock I’ve ever used. It’s probably the most comfortable sock I’ve worn period.

  2. Tom
    November 23, 2010

    Shay, you have to try Darn Tough Vermont socks. You will be blown away by how comfortable they are. They’re made in Vermont and come with an unconditional lifetime guarantee. I wish they made this roundup but you probably haven’t heard of them. Definitely check ’em out! http://www.darntough.com

  3. November 29, 2010

    Shay, Shifty is a new snowboard sock manufacturer based in Tahoe you might like since you’re all about the loud styles that Eesa put down. Check out the Chuck Browns! http://bit.ly/hJMl3d