Review: Clast Reversible Merino Neckwarmer

12 Nov, 2010

Intended Purpose: Meant for colder days on the slopes to keep your face warm and covered up.

Appearance: I received the black strip/black reversible neckwarmer.  I mostly use the black stripe side because it’s just a simple design.

Best Used for: The clast neckwarmer is best for cold days on the mountain with some windchill.  The two layers of merino wool will keep you face warm during those icy temps.  I’ve worn it on warmer days when it’s windy and it blocks out the wind/sun without being overly hot.

Fit: The clast reversible neckwarmer is basically a necktube that you pull over your head and it stays on during the day on the slopes.  Mine fits me perfectly, tighter around the face, loose around the neck.  Easy to pull up and down on the slopes.

Durability: The durability test hasn’t been complete on the neckwarmer since I’ve only ridden with it at Hood a couple times this summer and now at Mammoth.  I’ll definitely be wearing it more often this winter to see how it holds up for quality.

Thoughts: I like the simplicity of neckwarmers as facemasks and the clast reversible merino is a material that keeps your face warm without being a material that’s too warm.  It can handle cold temps and wind on the mountain.  I’ve become a fan of necktubes on the mountain because you just easily pull them down and back up without dealing with velcro or a strap in the back that might shift on the mountain.  The clast neckwarmer has the simple design, it’s reversible and it’s 100% biological (in case you care).

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On-Snow Photo

Clast Reversible Merino Facemask Description


Review Disclosure: This product was given to me by Clast.

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