Win a custom Hatt Street Giveaway!

03 Nov, 2010

For many of us winter is just around the corner and time to bundle up for the cold weather that’s soon on the way.  One of my friends just north of the border started creating her own beanies/touque designs called Hatt Street that give snowboarders some bold beautiful colours and styles when it comes to staying warm.  Kendra who runs Hatt Street was kind enough to offer up a giveaway in which someone can receive a custom made Hatt Street product.

Starting today, head over to Hatt Street’s website to check out her designs and leave a comment on here which one is your favorite and you’ll be entered to win a custom design from Kendra.  I’m stoking on the button touque personally.

All you need to do to enter the contest is:

-Check out Hatt Street’s website and leave a comment with your name/email address on here which product is your favorite.  That will give you one entry into the contest.

-If you leave a comment with your favorite product and then become a fan of Hatt Street’s facebook page, that will give you another entry into the contest.

-All the entries will be written down and randomly drawn from a bowl on Friday morning at 7am on the dot.

-The winner will be announced Friday morning and you’ll get your own custom product from Hatt Street!

*The only product unavailable from Hatt Street is the boots but everything else is fair game (coozies, beanies, camera/laptop sleeves)

Huge thanks to Hatt Street for putting time and effort into this!

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  1. Pete
    November 03, 2010

    Even if I’m a man, I liked the multicoloured toque with pompom 😉 and the teal slippers too! 🙂 Great designs…hope to see more :);)

  2. Guillaume
    November 03, 2010

    Your friend is creating great stuff! I like the Teal button toque very much.

  3. Kara Castaldo
    November 03, 2010

    Yay. Love the work! The Soft Tone Toque is deff my fav. 🙂

  4. Tom
    November 03, 2010

    Wow I wish I could do stuff like this.

    The Light brown and teal toque is def my favorite.

  5. Phillip
    November 03, 2010

    My girl loves the Faceoff Circle Toque.

  6. Vicky
    November 03, 2010

    I love handmade products, they are always unique. My favorite is the teal button toque. It just screams badass to me, and I know I can rock it on the warm days on the mountain as well as everyday down in the city (NYC). 🙂

    Keep up the awesome work!

  7. November 04, 2010

    I love the Flower toque hat. So cute!!!!

  8. November 04, 2010

    The “Me Hearties Toque” is by far the best. I am confused why everyone didn’t pick that one… weirdo’s

  9. Snowvols
    November 04, 2010

    Multi color with Pompom…

  10. michelle rosborough
    November 04, 2010

    I like the Multicoloured toque with pompom

  11. Tiffany
    November 04, 2010

    My favorite is the multicoloured toque with pompom!