2B Facemask Giveaway!

09 Dec, 2010

Winter is here which means keeping those faces covered up on the mountain so that you can enjoy the day longer and keep your face staying warm on those cold days.  I just got my hands on a 2B mask to test on the slopes but I wanted to give someone else the opportunity to check out this rad companies mask’s straight out of Avon, Colorado.  You could give to a friend as a present or just keep for yourself!

Here’s some details on the mask you’ll be winning:

The 2B Mask was born out of the simple need for a better solution to facial protection in cold weather. Having spent the last 9 winters with 100 day seasons in Summit and Eagle County, Colorado, we’ve endured a lot of cold days, where the fine line between an epic day and flat out unbearable day is common. The 2B Mask will keep your skin warm and dry.

Once fastened, the 2B Goggle Mask maintains its shape, keeping the mask off of your face and preventing the dreaded “Drool Face”. Sealed along the frame of the goggle, the 2B Mask allows the goggle vents to work independently of exhale and moisture build up. Moisture is prevented from absorbing into the mask due to the neoprene smooth skin laminate constructing the inside of the mask.

Steps to win the 2B Facemask:

1.  Leave a comment on this blog post with your correct email address and say whatever you’d like – do you like the mask, why you need one, anything goes!

2.  The contest will go until Thursday, December 16th at midnight.  Anyone around the world is welcome to enter!

3.  All the comments will be written down and one winner will be randomly drawn from a bowl or kitchen pot ( you know like the lottery)

4.  A winner will be announced on Friday, December 17th and by Christmas you’ll be wearing the 2B mask for your riding adventures.

Thanks to 2B Mask for giving one away!

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  1. Brian
    December 15, 2010

    This looks pretty cool. I’d like to say that I’d love to win it for my wife. Things are tight lately and we have two kids. The kids get all the new (used) gear because they are growing and we continue to ride stuff until it breaks or wears out. My wife is running this old stretched out balaclava w/ a fleece collar built into it. It looks horrible and she could really use a style update. I’ve tried to get her to get something new, but she says we don’t need to spend the money. Trust me, it’s bad. Please help her out! b

  2. December 16, 2010

    Windburn is no bueno.