Glove Review: Rome Love Glove

21 Dec, 2010

Intended Purpose: Men’s glove designed to be lightweight and great for a spring/pipe glove on the mountain.

Location: I’ve been rocking these gloves since opening day to the present day at Mammoth Mountain in California.

Conditions: I’ve worn these gloves on a majority of sunny bluebird days with warm to colder temps but also on the occasional powder day.

Sizing: I have typical women’s hands.  In these Rome gloves I fit the men’s small.  I have to wiggle my hands into them but they fit great and there’s no velcro closure around the wrist so I like that I bought them on the snug side.

Color: I bought these in the print colorway which is bright pink gripping on the palms and blue crazy zebra stripes mix on the other side.  I like the brightness of them and the crazy designs.

Features: The Rome Love Glove is a men’s glove in the Rome line and meant to be a lighter pipe or spring glove.  It offers a synsuede palm with impregnated silicon grip, a 4-way stretch nylon shell, lycra sidewalls, and a soft nose wipe panel.  Since I get a runny nose on the mountain I definitely appreciate the soft nose wipe panel.  I like the lighter design of the glove and the freedom of the glove.  On the warmth scale it’s a 1 and a 10 on the five finger freedom scale.  So it’s definitely a spring glove that won’t offer much for the cold days but you have great range of freedom in your hands.  I have warm hands on the mountain so I like the lightness and ease of these gloves but there are doubts with the silicon grip on durability.

Durability: These have gotten a good amount of time on the mountain as my spring glove.  So far the top of the hand is holding up fine but the silicon grip I’m having durability issues with.  On the fingers of both gloves (mostly thumb but also index), the pink grip has come off in parts.  In the palm it’s holding up but for some reason the fingers are starting to peel or come off completely.  You can see an image down below of what I’m talking about, it’s the second photo.

Thoughts: I definitely like Rome gloves, rocked the MFR’s last year which held up great and now rocking the women’s reigns for powder and the love glove for spring conditions.  The love glove I like but I question the grip durability.  I’m sure by the end of the season, the pink grip will be completely gone at the rate that it’s starting to wear after 20 days into the season.  But still overall the big picture of the glove, I’m a huge fan of the lightness and the overall glove.  It suits my warm hands and doesn’t overheat them like other gloves.  I find that I’m taking them off less than other spring/pipe gloves on the mountain so it’s good but I’d like to see the grip last longer.

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On-snow photos
Grip wear and tear so far
Rome Love Glove Description

Review Disclosure: I bought this glove from Rome Snowboards on discount.

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