Glove Review: Rome Reign

01 Dec, 2010

Intended Purpose: Women’s glove meant for all mountain conditions on the slopes.  Designed to keep you hands warm during the full range of weather.

Location: I’ve been rocking these gloves in the early season at Mammoth Mountain in California.

Conditions: I’ve worn these gloves on typically cold days with new snow but on some warmer days with hardpacked conditions.  I prefer them on the colder days because they keep my hands warm and offer good comfort for the snowy days.  On bluebird warmer days, I find myself taking them off on the lifts because my hands are a little too warm.

Sizing: I have typical women’s hands.  In Rome gloves I fit a medium or large but with these gloves I chose to buy the large to be on the safe size.  The large fits my wrist and finger length just fine but not as tight around the fingers.  They are snug and easy to pull on and off.

Color: I bought these in the pop color which is just a multicolor glove instead of the black option. I like the brightness and stripes on the top of the glove while the palm design is mellow cream with a black thumb. They stand out and I like that I know which gloves are mine in the pile.

Features: The Rome Reign gloves offer a women’s specific ergonomic fit and sizing, 2.1 flexible insulation with 2oz poly insulation on the back of the hand and 1oz poly insulation on the palm side, waterproof stretch-knit sidewalls and synleather palm.  The best feature in my opinion is the material they use and the ease of slipping on and off.  The thumb features the soft nose wiping material that actually works for runny noses.  They have a 8 on the warmth scale and a 7 on the five finger freedom scale.  The grip isn’t as strong as a pipe glove like the MFR’s I had last year but it’s pretty good for a insulated winter glove.  The warmth at 8, is accurate and definitely meant for colder days on the slopes.  On the wrist is a velcro closure to make it tighter but I haven’t touched that since I bought them.

Durability: I’ve been rocking these for most of the early season at Mammoth because the temperatures have been colder and it’s been snowier on the slopes.  They actually look like they’ve never been used despite a good two weeks with the gloves and that’s impressive for gloves with white on them.

Thoughts: The Reign’s have been my cold winter glove for opening season and when we received 5-8 feet of snow, they definitely helped keep my hands warm on the mountain.  I’ve been rocking them more than the rome pipe gloves I got, which is impressive but I also like the fit and comfort that they offer.  Overall I’ve been really happy with them, I bought them on a whim and needing winter gloves which so far they’ve delivered exactly what I needed.

I don’t really have complaints on gloves but I really miss having a string that attaches the gloves to my wrist so I can take them off on the lift and let them dangle.  Without that string it means shoving the gloves into my cargo pocket each lift ride and grabbing them out before the end (hoping nothing goes wrong).

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On-snow photos
Rome Reign Glove Description

Review Disclosure: I bought this glove from Rome Snowboards on discount.

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