Mammoth 12/1/10

01 Dec, 2010

It’s December!  I love December! It means Christmas is just around the corner but before that, there’s tons of stuff going on in Mammoth.  This weekend is Premature Jibulation, next weekend is Volcom PB&RJ and then it’s Night of Lights.  Plus every day is paradise when you snowboard!  Stoked for December!

Waking up early for work means ride break!  Today was just that, another day on the Lib Tech Attack Banana and just enjoying turns with the music cranked.

Sun soaked runs in Mammoth

I’m not much for park laps yet but went through with the guys a couple times.  I have been hitting up Forest Trail jumps and I’ll start stepping it up soon.

I got this shot too late after Daniel came off the tube but I still love it, momentum at its best.

As much as I love snowboarding there’s something to be said about sitting on the chairlift surrounded by the mountains, watching the flow of skiers and snowboarders.  I relax on the mountain which is why I love lunch breaks because it’s nice to get out and breathe plus watching the natural rhythm of the mountain, people, snow…is just amazing to me.

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  1. Adam
    December 02, 2010

    You’re so lucky! I live on the beach, so nothing for me to play on…