Mammoth 12/2/10

02 Dec, 2010

It’s a good feeling when the mountain is right outside your door and helps refresh you at lunch break when you just need to think about things or not think about things.  I did that today, needed a breather so ended up just lapping Chair 6 and Forest Trail Terrain Park.  It felt really good to start jumping again on my own and I’m going the small side jumps but it’s all starting small to get bigger again.

The mountain was virtually empty with the low visibility, flat light and winds on the slopes.  I didn’t mind it since the runs were to myself but it meant trying out some new Bolle goggles in the light to see how they did.  My chin wound is healing nicely too.

One adjustment to Mammoth from Steamboat is getting used to seeing pros everyday on the slopes, in line and around the hallways.  It’s rad riders that I see their video parts and now get to see their style first hand on the slopes.  One of the perks at work is writing and being able to send out stories from Mammoth to other media outlets.  I just did a piece on John Jackson joining the Mammoth Unbound team and was stoked to see it end up on TWS and other sites.  Then of course, I see John Jackson from the chairlift…just part of Mammoth life!

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