Mammoth 12/28/10

28 Dec, 2010

It’s the busy time when resort towns are packed with vacationers that help fund our towns and mountains.  Usually I stay off the mountain this week since it’s so busy but today I was feeling the itch, I just needed to get out onto the snow to make a couple turns.  We’re getting hit with another snowstorm, this one could deliver up to 2 feet of fresh snow tonight but today it meant winds, low visibility and some new snow on the runs.

Most people would love to have a ton of boards but I’m the opposite, it’s a hassle to have more boards than I need.  This summer at Hood was a good example of why I had too many boards and the end result was I left three of them at Windells Camp without even realizing it.  It took about two months to remember I owned them and wondered where they were.  Luckily my friend Lisa is at Windells Academy so she found them, kept one (per my guidelines), shipped one to a friend and shipped the other to me.  The other was the Never Summer Infinity that I’d been meaning to ride and review again.  So look soon for that review coming up!

Today was a quick chair #6 lapping day.  I just needed to breathe, move the legs and remind myself what snow felt like.  It helps my brain to have a mental break during the workday.  The crowds in the afternoon weren’t too bad but still more than I thought there would be.  I figured with the storm, people would head inside but it was still pretty busy on the mountain.  The laps were good, groomers with a mix of powder in spots.

I’ve been anxiously awaiting the opening of the halfpipes on the mountain for those sunny bluebird days without new powder.  We have enough snow and I wish it’d happen before the New Year but looks like it could be after.  Until then I’ve been eyeing up Boreal’s open pipe like a hawk and thinking my next visit to Tahoe will include a stop there for it.

Still snowing which means a good chance for a powder day tomorrow!

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