Mammoth 12/30/10

30 Dec, 2010

You know it’s a great powder day when the sun comes out to show off all the new snow and goods on the mountain.  Despite the holiday rush, today was an awesome day just with longer lift lines.  I headed out for a lunch ride break with Dan just in time for some lift openings.

It was a split decision but we headed to the backside to get in our lunch turns.  Just in time for chair #14 opening which had a good line up going but it was worth the wait.

We received a couple feet of new snow which meant some tricky spots where you needed tracks to get out and lots of speed.  Our goal was to hit up the hemlocks which is through the backcountry gate and a hike up to drop in.

The view of the backside from the hemlocks hike.  It was beautiful.  People getting powder turns and a lot of people sticking to the one stretch of groomers.

Hiking up Hemlocks helped me forget that it was cold outside

Right next to the hike was pure powder in the trees and no tracks.  Love looking at beautiful scenery like this

At the top of the hemlocks.  Today was definitely a heart beating day, I love powder and trees but I’m also aware of the dangers and I was feeling the heart pounding my whole run which was fun but also very cautious until the end when it opened up.

Dan getting his turns in the powder.

We got some more powder but the deep snow definitely made it harder to ride some spots.  I got stuck a lot today on some flat spots but still had fun playing in the snow.

Today could have gone a lot differently, a miscalculated turn, a tree well, riding without someone nearby, anything can happen on the mountain.  Stay safe in 2011 and look out for your friends you ride with.

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  1. December 31, 2010

    Just a friendly reminder that slackcountry access through BC gates carry all the same risk as normal backcountry conditions. A partner is a must, but a beacon, probe, shovel should also be whenever leaving the ski area boundary. With the amount of new snow Mammoth has seen recently the risks for avalanche danger increases even more. Just because it is a commonly hiked and skied route doesn’t mean its is always safe. Case and point is the Saddle Peak avalanche last year just a short hike from the Bridger Bowl Boundaries.

    youtube video

  2. December 31, 2010


    Definitely agree with you. The area we hiked out of bounds is patrolled by Ski Patrol for avy danger. In fact here it shows you the blast areas and degrees and information on the runs.

    I’ve seen the area slide from avy control last week so it’s definitely at risk and Ski Patrol works hard to make it safer for us riders. But I agree, I have my bc gear and didn’t have it when we hiked out of the gates yesterday. When I hike out of the gates this weekend, I will have it.

  3. December 31, 2010

    Good to know. Ski areas seem to label this terrain differently, sometimes out of bounds areas are controlled because the avy run out paths would continue into the inbounds area, other times it is considered inbounds terrain that is only accessed by hiking.