Mammoth 12/3/10

03 Dec, 2010

After yesterday’s riding, I was expecting today to be much of the same low visibility, overcast weather but when I looked outside at lunch the sun was shining!   It was easy to head out onto the slopes with my co-worker Justin for a couple laps.  We headed over to South Park to check out the features in that terrain park and meet up with my friend Daniel for some turns.

Today was trying out the Arbor Formula with the Mountain system, I had to MacGyver shit up since my screws are longer than the inserts on the Arbor, you’d be amazed at how good paperclips are for washers.  It’s been interesting this winter not having as many demos nearby but being able to borrow boards directly from companies or reps.  I really appreciate it when I can borrow gear because it helps get reviews on here and now each board gets more days on them!

Daniel on the rainbow rail just a tap tap tapperoo though!

We might be in Mammoth but he’s bringing the Method out!

Some tailgrab action going on…on the jump

and hip

So during some chairlift talk, the guys mentioned how they hate on the blog when photos don’t go bigger.  I mentioned server space and a couple other issues but realized I’ll size up the good shots.  Most shots you won’t see bigger but the good ones i’ll try to use close to the original size.  Always open to suggestions on

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  1. December 04, 2010

    Dude I love the blog, I just found it out of luck…I’m actually a newbie, I live in ohio and it’s probably going to take me a while before I’m shredding it out like you guys.

    Yea it’s cool if the photos were bigger, but I understand. Keep killing the slopes man I love finding all these snowboarding communities. I hope to meet a lot of cool people out there.

  2. Jason Budden
    December 04, 2010

    Wow i couldnt help but laugh at the macgyverism. 1) because im a big macgyver fan. 2) because i used a bolt and paperclip to fix an industrial filing cabinet once…. Hah!

    Good pics. Hopefully i get there in March!

  3. December 05, 2010

    Jason, haha glad you got a kick out of it. Yep paperclips, ticket wickets are a good replacement for washers.

    Thanks! The season is off to a great start so March should be really good!