Mammoth 12/5/10

05 Dec, 2010

Just a sunday in the park at Mammoth Mountain.  Got the wake up call from Pat this morning telling me to get up, enjoy the sunshine snowboarding before the storm rolls into town.  He had a good point so I got my gear, grabbed breakfast and parked the car at Chair #2 to meet up with him.

Lazy sunday on the mountain

We hit up Forest Trail park off of chair #6 for the morning, headed over to South Park for a little bit and then back to Forest Trail.  I’m starting to jump again so I like Forest Trail versus stepping it up bigger in South Park.  We just kept lapping and the best part was there was really no one at Main Park/Forest Trail so we just cruised.

Pat trying out a wicked narrow stance for a couple runs

Ended the day as the clouds started to come in and now watching it snow outside.  Tomorrow looks like a powder day in Mammoth!

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  1. Todd-O
    December 06, 2010

    what number day is this on the hill for you?

  2. December 06, 2010

    I believe day 21 right now.