Mammoth 12/8/10

08 Dec, 2010

Each day that I ride, I’m finding new terrain, new runs and getting a better taste of what’s to come this winter.  It’s a rad experience to be riding somewhere totally new and calling it my home mountain.

Today Dan and I headed out for some lunch laps and made our way over to Chair #4 to meet up with Ashley for a couple laps.  We ended up seeing chair #22 moving and headed there just in time to make the 4th chairlift up to the top.  I had heard that the avy chutes offered up some good turns when the wind blows the snow around.

Ashley and Dan at the top of chair #22 strapped in and about to drop into the avy chutes

Looking down the chute

The first turns were a bit sketchy with some rocks but after that it opened up into deeper powder turns that made it all worth it.

Dan getting some powder skiing in

Our second lap we hiked up the rocks a bit higher to drop into another chute.  The winds were blowing hard which made it a interesting hike across as you were trying to make each step and not lose your board from the wind.

The second chute we did had more rocks at the beginning but then towards the bottom, it was so good in the trees.  Of course it required some billygoating to get through some rock patches but I was riding my rock board evo so it worked out.

On our last run I stopped lower to get shots of Ashley and Dan coming down. Of course it meant getting sprayed by both of them in the process but the shots of Ashley totally spraying me with snow came out great. Here’s the animated image of the action sequence.
It was such a great lunch break of riding. Seriously had so much fun and it kept my heartbeat going on the chutes to be riding some steeps and powder again. I loved every second of it.

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  1. Kimi
    December 09, 2010

    I love the animation. i cant wait to get back out in the snow!