Review: Burton Camp Pullover Hoodie

27 Dec, 2010

Intended Purpose: Designed to be a lightweight first layer and with dryride ultrawick it helps repel moisture.  It’s quick drying and stink proof to keep a sweaty day on snow less noticeable to your friends. It’s functional for warm weather coverage or midwinter insulation.

Appearance: I bought the men’s camp pullover hoodie in the true black color which features some red and a super soft net looking hoodie design.  I use is as my under layer so I usually wear it under my jacket on the snow.

Best Used for: a underlayer for the mountain on cold and warm days.  But also a hoodie you can wear after snowboarding or around town.

Fit: The camp pullover hoodie has stretch 360 so you get unlimited mobility on the mountain and a really stretchable material.  I’m rocking the men’s version on the mountain which is super baggy and loose fitting but it’s also not as tall tee as the original dryride tech polo I got last year, it’s more average length for the mountain.  I love the thumb holes on the hoodie.

Durability: I’ve put over two weeks of snowboarding in the pullover hoodie and worn it around town as a shirt but no damage or wear to the hoodie yet.  Even the hoodie strings are still in place and holding up.  I’ll be riding this hoodie the entire season so I’ll update this section if any wear/tear issues occur.

Smell-ability: That’s my word for testing the stink proof on the dryride which features stink-proof finish to help eliminate foul odors from the mountain.  I gave this hoodie the mom test which means since my mom was visiting, I asked her to smell it before telling her anything about it and asked how it smelled.  She said she smelled nothing, no perfume, no odor, nothing.  Then I told her I’ve worn it for over 2 weeks without washing it which is true.  I haven’t washed it since I purchased it on december 2nd.

Thoughts: Since using the dryride layering last winter, I fell in love with the tech from the beginning but wanted a dryride layering that I’d felt more comfortable wearing when I took off my jacket so I picked up this at Wave Rave a couple weeks ago.  It was the perfect timing to have good layering underneath and since then, the camp pullover hoodie has been my main underlayer for the slopes.  Even on the cold days, it keeps me warm enough under my jacket and on the warm days it does the job of moisture-wicking but doesn’t hold onto my funk after riding.

For features, the non-smelling is a good feature if you don’t wash your clothes that often.  I actually like that I can rock this without having to wash it all the time.  Plus I love the hoodie design, the thumb holes and the overall fit of the hoodie.  It’s comfortable so when I’m off the mountain grabbing a beer, I can just wear this and feel great walking around.

Ready to buy? Head over to evo for men’s layering or shop their full line of Burton

On-snow photos

Burton Camp Pullover Hoodie Description

Review Disclosure: I bought this product from Wave Rave in Mammoth Lakes, CA.

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  1. Jonathan K
    December 27, 2010


    I’m looking for a second layer for those really cold days. How would this hoodie handle cold weather?
    And how is the sizing? What size did you get? I don’t want it to be too baggy.


  2. December 28, 2010

    Jonathan K,
    I have the waffle material one so it can handle cold but it’s still pretty lightweight. I’ve worn it with other layers on the really cold days. But on average, riding it and staying warm on 20-30 degree days on the mountain. I have the XL which i love cause it’s baggy.

  3. Lex
    January 10, 2011

    I’m looking for something I can wear under a tee shirt, usually I wear a regular sweatshirt but figured this would be better cause its waterproof, or is it? On most days in bear its not cold enough for a full jacket so would wearing this hoodie and a shirt over it keep me dry? and im 6ft 160. I look my stuff extra baggy so would an xl be too small? I just need it too not be too short in the arms mostly


  4. January 16, 2011

    Lex, I probably wouldn’t wear this version of dryride under a t-shirt but there are other options that are more suitable for first layer.,default,pd.html?start=20&cgid=mens-first-layer