Rome SDS Premature Jibulation – Mammoth

04 Dec, 2010

To start off the season right, Rome SDS puts on multiple Premature Jibulation Rail Jams around the states.  Today was the Mammoth Mountain contest with amateur riders proving their skills in a jam format.  I had only heard of the Premature Jibulation but never got to check it out first hand until today.  It was a blast being able to watch local riders I’ve recently met take their skills to the setup and session it out.  The vibe at the event was mellow and no corporate judging of any kind, just coming up with nicknames, drinking beer and having a good time watching the riders throw down their assortment of tricks.

The snow was coming down during the day but the setup was awesome thanks to the Unbound Park Crew making it happen.

The Premature Jibulation Setup from the lift

The Worm later took home the first place prize for the day

Ben gapping to tail tap on the staircase

Known as the hamburglar, this guy wore the mask and pulled out much love from the judges.

Flow rider Jeremy Page stomping it clean

Nirvana leading the women’s riding with a tail press on the up-flat-down box

Jade getting some on the box

Arbor rider Patrick Reddy getting a handplant in on the bottom tube

The mini shred of the day, Judd at 9 years old capturing the awe of everyone watching and totally rad!

Unknown rider

This guy was called the bum as the contest went on

Not sure who this rider is

After the contest ended, we met up at 2:30 to deliver out the awards.  The Rome guys set up a bunch of free swag for giveaway plus the checks for the winner.  The prizes were Rome gear, the guys took home a 2011 Rome artifact board and Rome 390 bindings and the top lady took home rome Strut bindings.

All the Swag to give out:  Packs, gloves, stickers, shirts, coozies.

The top lady shred of the day was Nirvana who gets Rome Strut bindings

One of the guys was nicknamed the Bum so he ended up taking home a prize that included a bunch of Rome gear plus some condiments that were found in the lodge.

After the contest we hit up the happy hour at Lakanuki for some drinks and food.  What a great day on the slopes and stoked to see friends throw down.  Can’t wait to see the rest of the contests coming to Mammoth this winter.

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