Chemical Storm Snowboard Giveaway Winner!

21 Jan, 2011

Last season I rode a snowboard from a Australian based company called Chemical Storm.  The board received a lot of attention because it was different; in shape, in graphics and something new.  This year they are releasing a limited edition octorocker skullteeth snowboard and I wanted to give one of you this snowboard to ride!  Now you’ll be the only one on the mountain with this rare snowboard.

The contest was about creativity; take the 5 items I told you to include and be creative with them.  The entries were rad and it was hard to pick a winner from the people who put time and effort into winning the snowboard.  But this morning, I picked one winner who will take home the snowboard and a prize pack from Chemical Storm!

Huge thanks to Chemical Storm for the snowboard to giveaway!

Chemical Storm Snowboard Winner: Ariana

Ariana’s creation caught me from the beginning with her design showing the skullteeth vine from underground to above ground’s extreme adventures.  It had kickers, bonking the vine forever linked to peak and park, the snowboard, the logos and Australia.  It was rad and definitely took time to come up with…so congratulations Ariana!

About the snowboard:
All hail Skullteeth: the fruit of the Skullteeth vine. The vine runs underground—underneath the whole world—and connects each Skullteeth board and rider to their most extreme adventures past and future. Mundane existence doesn’t stand a chance. By way of the blood-red vine, when you possess Skullteeth you are forever linked to peak and park. Just look at your board, and you’re back up there, ready to ride. Ready to rock the teeth in your skull!

Behold: The Octorocker emerges from the primordial snow and begins its tentacled journey toward peak and park. So eloquently it glides—despite its darker instincts. With its vigorous rocker camber, angryoctagonal-shaped nose and tail, and beastly carbon tentacle along its topside, the Octorocker board is exclusive to CHEMICAL STORM. Indeed, it planes so effortlessly, but the Octorocker’s rocker camber is bred for cranking powder turns, hitting kickers, and jibbing. Its angryoctagonal nose and tail allow for aggressive progress through varied conditions at either peak or park. Finally, the carbon tentacle strip gives you monster pop when you need it most.

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  1. Ariana
    January 21, 2011

    Thank you sooooo much!!!! The snowboard is sick, and I’m glad I could come up with a design that you thought represented it well! Can’t wait to shred it up with my Skullteeth board!

  2. January 21, 2011

    Congratulations to Ariana from us at Chemical Storm. Her entry captured all the elements and I agree with Shay that Ariana deserved to be the winner of the exclusive SKULLTEETH OCTOROCKER (The first one on the States!). However, I was very impressed by level of creativity from all entries. Thanks to all who participated. I hope everyone had fun.

    Finally, I would also like to thank Shay for running the Chemical Storm competition here on We hope to run more in the future!

  3. January 21, 2011

    Here are the specs and key features of the SKULLTEETH OCTOROCKER:

    • Standard Width
    • Soft Flex
    • Intermediate to Advanced
    • Stance Width 22”
    • Size – 155cm

    Key features:
    • Sintered Base
    • Triax Fiberglass
    • Carbon Tentacle
    • Poplar/Bamboo Core

  4. Jason
    January 21, 2011

    Oh isn’t that fancy. I sure could use a vrocker in my quiver 😀