Danny IS the Bomb!

20 Jan, 2011

What does it mean to ride for a friend?  Does it mean just thinking about them on the slopes or getting people together (friends, strangers, people who care) to come together for a riding purpose.  A day that means more than you?  Today friends of Danny Toumarkine will be hitting up Northstar to take laps for Danny, I won’t make it but I’ll be getting out on the slopes to have turns of my own for Danny.

Over two weeks ago, Danny was seriously injured while snowboarding on a film trip in Montana.  He suffered a traumatic brain injury (TBI) and has been in serious condition since the accident.  Luckily he was with friends who were able to take the best care of him quickly and get him life lifted to the hospital.  Since then, his first steps towards recovery had been documented on Danny is the Bomb.


I met Danny this summer, we worked together this summer at Windells Camp.  You get to know your fellow co-workers very well over the summer when you are housed together, work together and play together for months on end.  Since then I’ve kept in touch with Danny’s Shreddy Times adventures over Facebook and right before the Montana trip talked to Moss who was accompanying him.  I warned Moss of avalanches and staying safe but the last thing in my mind was what happened.  Luckily Danny is a fighter, he’s tough and he’ll pull through this…he has to.  Support has been piling in and every day I read Danny is the Bomb to find out the latest news about our friend.

If you have a second, go to Danny is the Bomb to read his story and help support him in any way that you can.  He’s an amazing person and rider.  If you ride today, take a second and think of our friend.  I don’t want any more friends to go through this…please wear a helmet.

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  1. gags
    January 23, 2011

    this story hurt…..I wish him and his friends the best and plan to support their event to help defray the costs his family is incurring….I can’t imagine the nightmare they are going through.