Glove Review: Swany Harmony

07 Jan, 2011

Intended Purpose: Women’s glove meant for all mountain conditions on the slopes.  Designed to be the perfect combination of form and function.

Location: I’ve been rocking these gloves in the early season at Mammoth Mountain in California.

Conditions: I’ve worn these gloves on colder to snowy days on the mountain.  The majority of time has been spent on snowy days with new powder.

Sizing: I have typical women’s hands.   In Swany I fit into the women’s large gloves with a good fitting in the finger length and fit around my hand.  It’s a good thing when both the inner and outer glove fit your hands good.

Color: I received these gloves in the black color option which still have some bright checkered colors on the top portion of the glove but keep with the simplistic black design around the rest of the glove.

Features: The harmony gloves feature a silicone soft-shell back and toaster finger free access with a removable  iphone friendly digital finger tip system inner glove.  The inner glove is a big highlight, you can take off your gloves easily to use your phone or take photos with your camera while still keeping your hands warm.  The harmony also features a toaster construction, aqua guard lock down zipper, uni-pull off, quik release strap and pull cord.  The features I really like are the straps that attach to the wrist and the inner glove versatility, on a warm day you could wear the inner glove no problem.  The zipper on the front of the glove is funny to me since it just opens into the glove.  I guess easy access to your fingers.

Durability: I haven’t spent much time in the gloves to test the durability but I like and dislike the removable inner glove.  I found that the inner glove was great for when you take the gloves off and have something light to use if you are looking at your phone or taking a picture but often found that it was hard to get the inner glove back into the main glove with the fingers lined up.  Just took some time to get it dialed and for the amount I take my hands, I need something that won’t mess up the inner/outer glove that easily.

Thoughts: The harmony glove gives you a winter and spring glove in one.  The inner/outer glove has positives and negatives to it, I liked that I could have a inner glove that I could wear when taking pictures but also didn’t like that it took some adjustment to get it back into the outer glove on the mountain.  It wasn’t as quick as I’d like.  The features of the glove offered a huge perk and for a mountain glove that you can rock on those powder days, it held up and kept my hands warm (a bit too warm with the two gloves but my hands are warmer than normal).

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On-snow photos

Swany Harmony Glove Description

Review Disclosure:  This product was given to me from Swany.

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