June 1/2/11

03 Jan, 2011

A quick drive down the highway from Mammoth lies June Mountain.  Nestled back in the trees with views of peaks and the lakes, June is the sister mountain that’s quietly overlooked.  June opened in mid-December but I hadn’t gotten the chance to ride there until yesterday when timing worked out with friends to head over and get in some laps.  Despite a late start of 10am at the mountain, we arrived to front row parking and tons of powder to be enjoyed.

While Mammoth has the huge terrain, June has the quiet slow lifts but no lines and some amazing tree riding.  It felt like being put back in Alpental with pillow drops instead of cliffs, no resort feeling of any kind, tree turns galore from mellow to steep and local’s have the say.

My Capita BSOD took quite a beating from early season but Adam patched it up for me and it was good to go for some awesome powder riding.  I need to update the review with how its handled this year especially in the deep powder its been in.  Feels so good to have it back under my feet especially when it includes making fresh turns.

Since it was my first day, we headed all the way to the top.  Chairlift after Chairlift.  I can tell you that you want to ride with people you like at June cause you’ll be sitting on the chairlift with them a lot.  At the upper mountain we hit up J7 for the first turns of the day, dropping into the tree runs off the double black diamonds and then enjoying the mellow blue tree runs below them.

Sarah getting in some freshies off of Powder Chute

The mellow tree runs below

The day was powder turns after powder turns after powder turns.  I started to remember that I was wearing a facemask when I kept getting face shots over and over.  The snow was awesome, reminded me of the light Colorado snow but without hitting bottom underneath.  It was definitely the best treat of the week.

Dan getting in deep

After taking a break inside the chalet, we headed back out to lap J1 chairlift.  This is the super slow 2-seater that gets you up to the more mellow terrain and offers up the black to double black diamonds and some awesome drops, pillows and powder!

Myself at June with the BSOD…devouring experts area

Emmie getting in some deep snow on the IQ run

Dan wanted to do a pillow drop so I tried to capture the picture but from too far away it didn’t come out.  Stoked he tried it though!

For my last run I wanted to do a drop, I had done some easier 2-5 foot drops throughout the day but wanted something bigger.  Dan told me to go for it, right above the old chairlift next to J1 and I did it.  Last run of the day, got some air and landed in powder.  We’ll see if it ended up on video from Dan’s helmet cam but definitely stoked to end the day on a high note.

It was such a good day, the powder turns and the trees.  The riding was so good and I didn’t want it to end.  Definitely a place I’ll be riding a lot this winter when there’s new snow and friends to shred with.

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  1. El Gritter
    January 03, 2011


    I’m a Northwesterner turned Californian too. I’m down in LA and have been up to Mammoth once since moving here in October. Looking forward to heading up there again in February. I wish I was good enough at riding to shred with you, but alas, my skills are solidly blue and thus I stay the hell away from trees. But maybe I will run into you and be able to shake your hand, buy you a beer and personally say thanks for the awesome gear reviews. Your opinions weigh a lot and I’ve selected a few boards to demo this year (now that I’m finally going to upgrade) based on them.

    Keep up the good work.

    -El Gritter

  2. jenni
    January 04, 2011

    shay i think you mean Jan 1/2/11… unless you have a secret time portal 🙂 anyway, good post as always!!

  3. jenni
    January 04, 2011

    HAHAH i get it….. that was confusing, you went to JUNE in JAN. i haven’t had my coffee this AM!!!

  4. January 04, 2011

    El, sweet on the new location! Definitely when you come up, shoot me and email and we’ll meet up for turns. I like to meet my readers and any day on the slopes can be fun! Thanks!

    Jenni, haha I put 2010 at first and had to change it! But yeah June Mountain, first day of 2011.