Mammoth 1/21/11

21 Jan, 2011

What a day!  Earlier this week, we found out that the marketing team would be able to ride Stomping Grounds today to get a taste of the AcroBags.  I hadn’t hit an airbags since Windells Camp this summer and even then it was only a couple times.  I was excited and then nervous to hit the acrobags.  I’ve wanted to since we have the whole new Stomping Grounds park at Mammoth but since I’m not training to do any crazy jump tricks, I didn’t think there was a point to start hitting them yet.  Yeah I was wrong, just the adrenaline and fun of going big into the airbag was a blast.

Joani Lynch, Director of Marketing & Communications at Mammoth landing in the AcroBag

To warm up, Ashley and I hit up Forest Trail to just jump on the snow and then headed to Stomping Grounds after 9:30am when it opened up.  Helmet required of course at Stomping Grounds, liability waiver signed and either $5 for one hit or $20 for a day ticket. A bunch of the marketing team ended up hitting it:  Joani, Craig, Geoff, Dan, Katy, Ashley and myself.  Others cheered us on and the Stomping Grounds attendants gave us tips and pointers.

I started on the small jump, just straight airs and letting my body fall back so I landed on my back than on my board.  The first jump I had good speed for and realized I could easily do the big jump so I ended up sticking to the big jump the rest of the day, straight airs to fun landings.  The big jump has atleast 10 feet or more from the takeoff to the airbag so you can go bigger.  By the end of the day, last run I wanted to try backflipping.  I definitely didn’t get it, but I tried!  I’m gonna go back and get it since it was so much fun trying.

Here’s the video of my last run through, trying to throw the backflip.  Next time I just gotta commit and flip a bit quicker.

Dan Hansen who handles Mammoth Mountain PR started to spin into the AcroBag, trying a 540 that I caught on video.

The pipe was open with the second AcroBag and I’m not that good at pipe to go launch into it but Joani, Dan and a couple others including myself ran and jumped into it.  Much less fear but a pretty big jump!  Here’s Joani jumping into it.

Needless to say, it was addicting. Dan, Ashley and I were the last ones in the office cause we were having too much fun just lapping Stomping Grounds. Definitely gonna be trying more tricks into it this winter!

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  1. JT
    January 22, 2011

    Awesome Shay! That looks like a blast, and a great way to really figure out the mechanics of various tricks!