Mammoth 1/22/11

22 Jan, 2011

Usually I have weekends off but with Big Snow Bash going on this weekend, I helped out with giving out the Big Snow Bash t-shirts on the mountain at each of the lodges and location points.  It meant a day out on the mountain, in the snow and sun getting people stoked for free shirts!

The 18 foot pipe being build at the top of South Park…hopefully done soon.  The 22 foot pipe is too big and the 12 foot pipe is too small for me.

Snow reporter Ashley holding up the shirts

During some downtime we made our way through the art park to ride the flat box.  I talked Ashley into hitting it and she did!  She did awesome too!  This is the Jeffy Anderson artwork and it’s soo much fun to ride on something so rad you can check out too!

The Big Snow Bash snowman village, people creating their own snowman around the super big snowman!

It was a fun but tiring day on the slopes!  The fun part was realizing it was my 50th day on the slopes this season!

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