Mammoth 1/5/11

05 Jan, 2011

I really enjoy January since it’s full of tons of fun stuff that keeps your head spinning for weeks.  Heading to Snowcial tomorrow, then back in town for the Burton Super Demo Tour, visitors in town and then SIA at the end of the month.  The days of riding decrease this month so I’m enjoying it while I can.

Bluebird days…feel so good after the big storms

I met up with Daniel today for a couple laps, towards the end we switched out gear so he could lap on the DC PBJ and I could ride his Rome Artifact.  It was a good switch since I knew he’d love the PBJ.  He tested it out on the jump line for it’s tweakability.

I’m really stoked on P3 Snowboard Shop in town especially since they have demo boards which means trying out new gear when I can.  I took out an older DC PBJ with camber (you know you gotta go back to camber every now and then) with this year’s Flux RK30 bindings.  Look for those reviews soon!

I’ve been waiting patiently for the pipe to open and it’s almost done!  Can’t wait to lap pipe, crank the tunes and zone out on my lunch breaks.

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  1. yessi
    January 06, 2011

    Looks splendid. Happy happy joy joy!