Mammoth 1/9/11

09 Jan, 2011

Today was the last day of the Burton Demo Tour at Mammoth Mountain but the perfect day for me to try out multiple boards that I wanted to get on.  It was a cold start to the day with the winds picking up and hardpacked conditions on the mountain but was able to meet up with Sam and Pat from Red Bull for riding most of the day with them.  We ended up lapping Forest Trail park most of the day.

The Burton Demo Tour, gotta love demo tours.  They were packed during all the demo days, definitely a popular brand for Mammoth riders.  I ended up taking out the Sherlock with cobrashark bindings, Joystick with Cartels and Blender with scribe bindings.  Plus I rode the DC Devun on the way to and from the demo.

Sam stuck to his board and of course made it look good all day

Pat got on the method, you know the 1,499.00 board.  Of course when you get on the method, you have to do a method!  So he pulled it off and we applauded.  Pat was not impressed with the method but liked the vapor and was not a fan of the Sherlock.  Always fun to see the differing opinions on snowboards and how riders interpret different boards.  Good laughs for sure.

Good day on the mountain for sure.  I ended the day early to spend time off the mountain with my dog and get ready for this week ahead.

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