Shay Update: Powder, Snowcial and SIA

05 Jan, 2011

Three months ago I moved to Mammoth and I gotta say, life is good.  Mammoth is a great state of mind, the mountain is amazing and I’m still exploring it!  Plus June is just outside of town and already loving that mtn.  The town and people are an interesting change with the majority of traffic from LA but with a really rad local population in place.  Each day is something new and I’m working to be a better writer as I learn more about marketing.  The snow here isn’t blower light and fluffy but it’s not heavy sopping wet either, it’s a good in between that I’m liking more and more each time I ride it.  Being here reminds me of being at SIA except on the snow all the time, the snow industry from So-Cal isn’t far and it’s fun to be able to run into familiar faces.

So life is good…but here’s what’s going on for the future.


So this has been an interesting transition for reviews on  California isn’t Colorado when it comes to demo days which means getting on gear takes more time and effort than just going to a mountain on a certain day.  I’m working with reps, companies and shops to try to get out on demo gear to review.  So be patient with me.  The great news about this is demo gear will have way more time on them, it means instead of a couple runs…it could be a day or week on it in a variety of conditions.  I’m working hard to get on brands like Jones, YES, Weekend, Salomon, Never Summer, GNU, Lib Tech, DC, Flow, Arbor, Roxy and more.  Also you might start seeing 11-12 gear mixed in with 10-11 reviews now that that gear will be available to review too.

Tahoe Snowcial

So this weekend is Snowcial going off in Tahoe!  I’ll be driving up on January 6th to check it out and speaking on January 7th at the Blog University part of Snowcial.  Looking forward to meeting other bloggers and talking about my experiences with and how I came to be part of this whole blogging deal.


I’m ready to head back to Colorado for the big SIA.  I’ll be attending the industry tradeshow as media once again, setting up appointments with companies you want to check out and enjoying all the fun times like the Riders Poll and many parties.  After SIA, I’ll be attending the Colorado on-snow to review some gear and hang out with friends, then flying back here where I’ll be able to be at the Mammoth on-snow as well.  Really looking forward to SIA and being able to see friends that I haven’t seen since I left Colorado.

Pretty much stoked for the season and excited for the upcoming events!

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  1. Brek Leines
    January 10, 2011

    Pleeeaaaase check out homeschool outerwear, nike, capita, and union!

    Have fun shay!