Shay Update: SIA 2011

26 Jan, 2011

Last year was the first year for the SIA Tradeshow to go off in Denver, Colorado and I welcomed the new location with open arms.  I no longer live in Colorado but I’m making my way back for 4 days of tradeshow madness and 2 days of on-snow riding.  My schedule for the tradeshow is 9am-4pm appointment after appointment, then evenings are spent having a good time at the various parties and I’m hoping to get some sleep while I’m in town but you never know!

This will be my third time as a media member for and I’ll be updating the blog as I can.  I’ll also tweeting out during the show so make sure you follow me on for the latest updates from SIA.

After the tradeshow, I’ll immediately head into the mountains for the on-snow portion at Winter Park before I head back to Mammoth.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed that since I’ll be leaving town, it’ll start snowing once I’m gone.  After I get back in Mammoth, I’ll start the constant updates from SIA with product information and 2012 reviews.

I’ve been making appointments with brands the last month so looking forward to meeting with them at SIA and seeing lots more from other companies.  Here’s the list:

  • Capita/Union
  • Salomon/Bonfire
  • Never Summer Snowboards
  • K2 Snowboards
  • Bataleon Snowboards
  • Omatic Snowboards
  • 686
  • Smokin Snowboards
  • Arbor Snowboards
  • Rome Snowboards
  • Holden Outerwear
  • Nitro/L1
  • Nike 6.0
  • Vans
  • Neff
  • Spy
  • Celtek
  • Burton Snowboards
  • Brandbase (Technine, Nomis, Sound)
  • Flow Snowboards
  • Dakine
  • Ride Snowboards
  • Stance Socks
  • North Face
  • Head Snowboards
  • Nidecker/YES/Jones
  • Roxy Snowboards
  • Quiksilver
  • Lib/GNU
  • Bond/Weekend
  • Sessions
  • Venture Snowboards
  • 32 Outerwear/Boots
  • Drop Gloves
  • Akinz
  • The Program (Forum, Special Blend, Foursquare)
  • Spacecraft
  • DC Snowboards
  • Betty Rides
  • Dragon
  • Smith
  • Arnette
  • Helly Hansen

I will be extremely busy the next 6 days which means if you email me with questions or sticker requests, I probably won’t reply till after SIA.  I’ll do my best of course.

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  1. Brek Leines
    January 26, 2011

    To bad bond outerwear sucks, at least their durability… 2 pairs of pants in 8 days. Over it.

  2. Jim
    January 27, 2011

    Shay–If you get a chance, please try to toss up some pics of Unity’s line. Gracias!

  3. Mike
    January 27, 2011

    Hi Shay, can you pass by the Stepchild booth….I’m really interested to see the new line especially the JP Walker!!!

  4. February 02, 2011

    Brek, bummer to hear that!

    Jim, I’ll have a full unity post for you and a unity reverse review coming up!

    Mike, stopped by Stepchild!