SIA 2011: Day 1

28 Jan, 2011

I definitely look forward to SIA each year because it’s 4 days of fun packed together, appointments all day and tons of people that you love catching up with.  The snowboard industry is small but with some amazing people involved in making something we love happen.

Today was Day 1 of the SIA tradeshow in Denver, I’ll go into more product detail after the tradeshow when I write about each company and what’s coming out.  I intentionally started my appointments at 11am to be able to hang out and do swing by’s with brands before getting down to business.

To start the day, I stopped by Capita and Union to check out the line.  I had already seen the catalog but was really excited to see the new products in person.  Capita added a couple new boards including the Totally Fk’n Awesome and NAS.

While hanging out at Capita, I see the familiar face of TJ Schneider so I nudged him to get a picture of him with his mid life zero for 2012.  TJ also handed me some snowboard realms shirts to do a giveaway with…so stay tuned for that and check out snowboard realms if you haven’t yet!

I love these two…they also guard what’s at Capita

Union is totally revamped this year with highback design to toe straps.  This is the Atlas binding.  Can’t wait to try them out at the on snow!

A quick stop into Never Summer with a nice glimpse of the line.  Want a SL splitboard, got it for 2012.  Want a board between the evo and SL, got it.

I’ll be checking out Jones boards tomorrow but YES is looking good keeping with their signature style and taste.  JP and DCP are always a pleasure to talk to in person and stoked on what they have going for them.

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Most of my day was spent with softgoods, looking at everything from outerwear to goggles from companies.  Here’s a fun goggle from Spy

The afternoon included a stop into Nike 6.0 to see the latest outerwear and boots from the Nike team.

Drop gloves keeping the snowboarder on your hand for 2012

The Program includes Forum, Foursquare and Special Blend so got to check out the best from them including their board line and Shaka bindings.

Probably my favorite from Special Blend, the Burner jacket.  The inside liner has panties as the graphic, haha!

32 just had their boot camp at Mammoth and got to check out the 2012 line at SIA for outerwear and boots.

Transworld Business’s Mike Lewis and Dragon’s Alex Pashley talking goggles.  Dragon just killed it with their Silverton testing facility, seriously the riding there is insane and the testing of goggles there is even better.

Dragon’s new APX goggle

Met with Dakine to see the latest offerings of backpacks, luggage, gloves and all the other stuff you need in snowboarding.  Excited to see Annie Boulanger’s new collection of backpack and gloves plus these rad gloves coming out!

Ashbury goggles.  Ashbury has a Flux collab binding and 32 collab boot this year.

I’ve been rocking the Smith i/os a lot this season and was happy to check out next year’s goggles and helmets

Smith helmets, rock a helmet this season!

Excited to check out Airblaster for the first time at SIA.  I’ve heard great things about the ninja suit and it’s back with styles for men and women.

Airblaster goggles

Derek Dennison head to toe outfit from Technine and Nomis.

Nomis Outerwear was a good surprise with pieces that I’d definitely rock and styles that look good.

Brandbase’s Trent Bush and Cole Taylor at SIA

Some new things to look for from Arbor is a couple new boards.  They keep their signature look but also keep a younger artsy look to the boards with park, jib and mtn system.  I’m looking forward to riding the swoon at the on-snow, new women’s board.

I was able to grab my luggage and drop off the heavy backpack at my hotel room before heading back into the tradeshow for the fun times.  Just chilling on the couch, drinking beers and talking with friends I haven’t seen in months.

The evening consisted of dinner with Stephanie Nitsch a good friend of mine to catch up on daily life in our resort towns (hers Park City, mine Mammoth), checking out the Colorado party, meeting Trent and the Brandbase guys for drinks at the Ladies Night party then a enjoyable walk back to the Hyatt with a stop at some other bar on the way, drinks at the Hyatt and crashing into bed.  I did awake to find my beer waking next to bed, always a good time!

Now off to day 2 of the SIA Tradeshow!

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  1. Dan
    January 28, 2011

    Those atlas bindings look similar in construction to the burton reflex baseplate (from the back anyway, which would not be a bad thing at all. Would be interesting to see the bottom of them. Can’t wait for more info on them!

  2. January 28, 2011

    Nice! I am glad Union is doing something with their toe strap.

  3. keither
    January 28, 2011

    Wondering if Arbor’s tri-radial sidecut thing with the edge bumps is a good alternative to magnetraction. If possible, please demo!

    Thanks Shay you rock!

  4. optionrider
    January 28, 2011

    Nice work shay! Any chance you can take a peek at the new Endeavor line?

  5. Brek Leines
    January 28, 2011

    Union and capita! So excited!

    Remember Homeschool!

  6. J
    January 29, 2011

    Did they have any shirts for Capita? I want a new one!

  7. Francis
    January 29, 2011

    Hi Shay and others,
    I am curious to know if Union, Drake or Flux are doing canted footbed in 2011/2012, like Ride, K2 , Rome or Burton and others…?
    For my old knees, I will need that since, I like to ride crazy duck style 😉

  8. January 30, 2011

    What’s the story behind the new Totally Fk’n Awesome decks. How are they different than the BSOD? Besides the crazy graphics.

  9. Brek Leines
    January 31, 2011


    from what Ive heard its supposed to have a softer flex to it. I know im excited

  10. lee
    February 01, 2011

    Tyson its a different core, softer and has a different nose and tail shape. Basically a BSOD but at a different price point.

  11. February 04, 2011

    CAPiTA 2012 Midlife zero looks really crazy, I wonder just what will the price in Europe.