SIA 2011: Day 3

30 Jan, 2011

Day 3 of SIA is definitely the most tiring day; the partying starts to catch up with the overall tiredness of being on your feet all day at a tradeshow but it’s still sooo worth it.  Day 3 for me was the big guns of snowboarding, the brands that have a lot of products to go through but also have things on lockdown.

Burton Outerwear

Burton Restricted snowboards…look out girls Nuggette for you!

Rome Snowboards Addictive Collection

Also at the Rome booth was Sully on video for The House crew.

Lib Tech Snowboards:  Attack Banana, MC La Nina with C1, Dark Series

DC snowboards getting fun with the DC

Unity Snowboards splitboard

686 Fallen Collection

A stop into the Sessions booth

Quiksilver’s Travis Rice collection lets you blend in easy on the mountain

Jones Snowboards has been constantly packed and has a lot of momentum into its second year with four models for riders.

Frends came out with their own headphones that are taking off.  Here’s a look at some of the ear buds they are offering

A stop into the Vans booth to meet the crew and check out the latest.  I’ve been rocking the 2012 Vans Veil’s for the past month as a wear tester giving feedback and really happy with how the line is looking for next year.

Ride Snowboards definitely creates the best booths and this year’s peep show was hilarious to check out.  Of course walking by this sight, I had to take a photo of the hilariousness of it.

A look at the 2012 Ride Slackcountry, helmet, strapper keeper boot, ill eagle contraband and optimo contraband

At the end of the day, walked out of the tradeshow to see the 686 Reclaim contest.  Definitely interesting to see what they were doing and how it all came along.

For the first time since arriving, spent an hour relaxing at my hotel room before heading to dinner with Jessica, Autumn, Eric and Micaela (?) at the Capitol Grill which was amazingly good food and drinks.  A good nights sleep to get ready for the always fun on-snow coming up soon.  Now it’s time to check out of my sweet hotel room and head into Day 4 of the show!

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  1. Devin
    January 30, 2011

    Thanks for the pics, Shay. Any info on that Dark Series? Adding any new tech next year (bringing horsepower, etc)? I’m liking this year’s model and if nothing much has changed I may just pick it up instead of waiting it out.

  2. February 02, 2011

    Devin, there will be a whole write up on lib tech for 2012 so you’ll see it then.

  3. NWSkunkape
    February 02, 2011

    Hey Devin, if you are riding the dark from current season 10/11, it is not changed. in 10/11, lib went to a lower profile Bamboo ORG throttle with for the dark series for more feel and lighter with same strength.

  4. Devin
    February 04, 2011

    I’m not riding the current season (I’m riding the C2 Kass this year), but I’ve wanted to get back on a Dark Series for years. Trying to decide if I should buy this year’s or wait if there’s any significant changes to it next year.

    I will anxiously await the full lib tech write-up. 🙂