Snowboard Review: 10-11 Burton Nug

11 Jan, 2011

Location: Mammoth, CA

Snow Conditions: Hardpacked to icy groomers.

Setup: I rode the Burton Nug with Malavita bindings and Vans Veil Boots size 8.

Size: 146cm.

First Impression: Holy tinyness…10cm less than what you normally ride

Weight: average.

Flex: I was expecting a board similar to the signal park rocker, just straight up soft but the nug definitely still offers up the mountain to you.  The flex had good torsionally flex so you still had quick edge to edge response and the smaller size made maneuverability so easy on the board.  The overall flex longitudinally, it rode like a longer board when going faster and building up speed.  The Nug features Burton’s V-rocker with a center rocker between the feet and additional rockers outside each foot that lift the tail and tip completely off the snow.  The V-rocker definitely suits the Nug and gives it more of that park jib inspired feeling.

Turning: The nug was easy to get on edge and maneuver from edge to edge down the mountain.  Turns were quick when you wanted them but also you could make long drawn out turns and hold it steady the entire carve.  The nug definitely was believable for riding 10cm shorter but still handling turns like a board 10cm’s bigger in size.

Stable: For it’s size it’s more stable than you would expect and actually does a great jib gripping the snow especially when I rode it in the pipe.  The board held an edge and didn’t encounter any issues.  When going faster, the board still felt comfortable just cruising around.  I would have liked to try it in powder to see how much the rocker effects vs the size.

Pop: One of the first things I did with the nug was tail press it and hold it steady, super easy to get butters and presses on but also can go higher than you think.  I did some small ollies off the rollers on the jump line but didn’t feel comfortable with the size taking the nug off a jump.  The squeezebox that is featured in the nug is supposed to give a poppier board and the nug had some good pop but hard to say since the size freaked me out.  I did notice the swing weight when I switched to another board after, the nug had a light swing weight.

Switch: Did a couple turns switch on more mellow terrain, rides like a true twin without adjustment.

Overall Impression: The nug is that rocker board that you can downsize with and have a totally easy to maneuver.  The grip on it was surprisingly good especially in the pipe but the size definitely messed with my head.  It’s definitely meant to handle the mountain despite the size, good stability for the size and an around easy ride.

Shay’s Honesty Box: The nug was a mindfuck.  Riding 10cm less wasn’t as comfortable in my head despite how the board rode.  It was definitely mindfucking me the whole time I rode it despite riding it in the pipe.  I’d have to spend a lot more time on it to feel comfortable since it was a 146cm and way shorter than I’d like to ride all the time.

Ready to buy? Head over to evo for the Burton Nug or shop their full line of Burton snowboards

On Snow Photo

Burton Nug description (click on it to pull it up)


Review Disclosure: I rode this board at a Burton demo day.

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  1. January 11, 2011

    Got my eye on one of those for next year – didn’t trust the size either, but have heard nothing but good things and they don’t stay in stock for more than 3 days. Can’t wait to try it out.

  2. keither
    January 11, 2011

    meh, I’ll stick to a regular sized board anyday, there’s no way this thing has the pop of a regular board. I guess if all you do is jib, then i think it’d be ok, but I wouldn’t take a Lib Box Scratcher in the pow or off big jump, and I probably wouldn’t with this either. Then again, I prolly have to try it for fun!

  3. R120
    January 11, 2011

    Been riding my Nug 150 for a month now, downsizing from 158-60 i usually ride – believe the hype, this board does what it says on the tin, its not some jib stick, but a proper all mountain board – more pop than my TRice and Yes GDOH, and pretty much stabler than any other rocker board i have ridden.

    Its also good in the pow, no joke. Next season Burton are rolling out teh tech further – 150 Fish in the line up for example.

  4. jpt
    January 11, 2011

    The nug is the truth! Stability and pop are as good as any regular sized all mountain board and better for me than my old Evo 158. I have the 150 nug and love it. It really cna get through anything. Plowing through chunder definitely takes more effort but still gets through. EVerything else is just as good as a regular sized board.

    Keith, get your head out your ass and see the light! this is not a jib board at all. Check out Dave Downing talking about the board and riding it through pow. This board is a do it all killer.

  5. Reyazz
    January 11, 2011

    Just purchased the board, hopefully it’ll live up to the expectation. What binding would u recommend? Something soft perhaps or medium? Im just getting into the park scene n my first park board. I currently ride the attack banana so it’ll b definitely a big change for me.

  6. Francis
    January 11, 2011

    Hi Shay,
    Thanks for the review
    I did rode and test the Nug 146 and felt the same… (I will like to try 150 cm)
    Also when you have time, to get your hand on, and try yearly release 2012 of Burton. Squeezebox tech like: like the Custom Flying V Squeezebox 158 (will like to try this one, looks solid)
    Squeezebox of Burton seems to be a good direction for Burton in the future, I hope after they get a bigger version of the Frostbite for better Ice holding but, I think on day they will get there too…

  7. JAF
    January 12, 2011

    hold off until the 2012 offering, a much better designed shape, less rockered tail… and yes nobody needs to go below a 150 on this board-nobody.

  8. Francis
    January 12, 2011

    Are you talking about the Nug Directional 2012? I heard that they will be two Nug in 2012, one Twin Radius (like the Yearly release) and the other one more freeride Directional radius… Did not know that the V Rocker will change too?

  9. MAtt
    January 12, 2011

    Terrible review. What board is hard “to get on edge”?

    Talking about your own riding shortcomings is lame, takes away from the board and is pointless. You could just NOT review if you are incompetent enough to land jumps? Please, stop acting like an authority on any snowboard subject just because you have a blog.

    About the Naaag. Camber for 2012. Dave Downing only riding the nAg in Camber FYI.

  10. January 13, 2011

    Reyazz, I used the malavita bindings which were a good combo with the board.

    Francis, sweet I’ll try the squeezebox on the custom for sure!

    Jaf, thanks for the update!

    Matt, some boards don’t hold an edge and staying on edge is harder when you wash out. As for riding, no one is perfect and I acknowledge my own riding in my reviews. Whether you use them, is your decision.

  11. keither
    January 19, 2011

    hey jpt,

    My head was never in my ass, like I said “I prolly have to try it for fun!”

    Man, you Burton-heads really get offended when anyone says ANYTHING about Burton. If I would have really said what I think of the entire brand…. then you REALLY would have something to say back. But I won’t, all I will say is that a 150 is a 150, no matter how you shape it – JIB BOARD. There is no way this thing is stable on big booters, and I would bet money that you ride a 156 rocker or longer and it will destroy this board in the pow and ESPECIALLY in the chud.

    As for this statement:
    “It really cna get through anything. Plowing through chunder definitely takes more effort but still gets through.”

    No thanks, jib board. It’s called a nug for a reason, for all the little nugglet park-rats.

  12. ;D
    February 02, 2011

    if this doesnt make you want the Nug than i dont know what will

  13. Alvaro
    February 09, 2011

    Hi Shay,

    Question for you… I’ve read in the Internet that the Nug has Side Effects, like on the Sherlock. I was at the store and they had some Nugs and nowhere on the features listed on the sticker does it say Side Effects. I checked on Burton’s site and it’s not listed under features. Do you know if this is indeed part of the geometry?


  14. bugs
    February 13, 2011

    Hey shay, any info on the 10-11 nugget? (I think that’s what the female version of the nug is called?) And heck, any info at all on 11-12 burton boards for the ladies? All the guys’ stuff have been scanned and posted but nada on the ladies, bah.

  15. Jay H
    February 19, 2011

    Hi, Shay-

    I’m compelled to comment because of that a-hole MAtt’s remarks, which you responded to with much grace and composure.

    MAtt, why are you so angry? The possible validity of any criticism you may be attempting to convey is completely lost and negated by your bitterness and ire. Get over the fact that here is a woman who has worked very diligently to establish herself as a trusted voice in the snowboarding community. She’s not merely acting as an authority; she is widely considered to be one., jerk-face.

    Shay, I’ve read many of your reviews, in part, for the fact that often times when I’m searching for info on a particular board, your site pops up. Because you ride a sh!t ton of boards. And anyone who rides even a fraction of the number of decks you do begins to get a sense of what’s legit and what’s crap. Much respect to you for your unwavering devotion to and passion for boarding.

    Oh, and the answer to the question of whether or not the Nug has Side Effects (it does) can be found here:

  16. February 19, 2011

    Bugs, I’ll be putting up 2011-2012 nugget info when I do the 11-12 Burton snowboards post. So keep looking for it!

    Jay, Thanks so much for your comment.

  17. Alvaro
    February 24, 2011

    @Jay – thanks for posting the link about the side effects. Burton got back to me and explained that it has side effects but they neglected to put it on their site as a feature. The literature for next year’s Nug say it but not this year. In any case, picked up a 146cm and ride it in about 60 inches of powder from last weeks storm. For those who are wondering about the Nug in pow, it rode really well. My other board is the Sherlock and I like them both in pow.


    Ps. Keep up the good work Shay!

  18. Trav
    March 08, 2011

    Got one, 142 cm replaced 156 custom. Really fun, 2nd board. I teach and this thing works well for expanding skills. I usually bring my X 156 along for the big mountain, but the nug is just fun to jam when cruising. Many other people demo-ed my board this weekend (instructors) they were pressing it and buttering it too death. They had grins from ear to ear.

  19. Keither
    March 09, 2011

    -“;D Says:

    -February 2nd, 2011 at 5:24 pm
    -if this doesnt make you want the Nug than i dont know what will


    This definately does not make me want to ride a Nug.

    Man I’d like to know what all the regular-camber lovers think of this Nug. They’re always hating on the rockered boards for how easy they are to press and say how much it’s “cheating”. I do own a rockered board, but a 142? Come on. There is no way a 142 can charge. Let alone on a slushy, bumpy, warm spring day.

    Just another Burton gimmick. I thought Rossi already did this with the Mini? And look how well that worked out.