Snowboard Review: 10-11 Rome Pusher

17 Jan, 2011

Location: Mammoth, California

Snow Conditions: Hardpacked to icy groomers

Setup: I rode the Rome Pusher with Rome 390 Bosses and my Vans Veil boots size 8.

First Impression: Last year the pusher was a favorite of mine and continues to be that solid all mountain board the second you get on it.

Size: 159cm

Weight: heavier than average

Flex: The pusher is that do everything board but definitely on the stiffer side for all mountain, with a stiffer nose and tail so you have a stable ride down the mountain but with a softer flex between the bindings for quicker edge to edge turning.  From the last time I rode it, the 159 seemed stiffer than the 156 which had more playfulness.  The rocker on the Pusher is rome’s reverse free rocker which is reverse camber extends from beyond the inserts with straight camber in the nose and tail.

Turning: When I first rode the pusher, it stood out on how it handled in turns.  It held an edge so smoothe and carved so good, especially for longer drawn out turns. It had snap to it, so you could push in and out of turns and for those laying a carve down, it will deliver.  It rides like an aggressive beast, the more you ride it, the harder it rides the mountain.  It isn’t hard to initiate into turns despite the stiffer flex and it plows through any cruddy terrain you might encounter.

Stable: I came off the nug into this board and despite the surprising stableness of the nug, the pusher was more stable and held speed very well on the mountain.  I took the pusher immediately off the jumps and just felt good on landing.  No adjusting to how it handles.

Pop: It was some work to press it and butter with it but still very capable.  I ended up just taking it off the jumps and played with the pop there, stable landing and good pop.  Plus I liked the sound when it landed, you just were riding it without issues.

Switch: I didn’t have any issues with riding switch as it’s a true twin and rode just like a true twin should.

Overall Impression: The pusher is that ride the whole mountain, handle every bit of terrain snowboard.  It rallies through the crud, handles the jump and pipe lines and will give you a board in powder that holds up.  Its a favorite of mine for it’s all mountain capabilities and stability.

Shay’s Honesty Box: The Pusher is my favorite Rome board and although I probably wouldn’t ride the 159 all the time, 156 is more my style…the board delivers.  I definitely noticed the weight of it after being on the nug but it charged.

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On Snow Photo

Rome Pusher description (click on it to pull it up)


Review Disclosure: I borrowed this snowboard from a friend.

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  1. Michael
    January 18, 2011

    I got one last year. I use it for teaching and all-mountain riding. It’s a good board.