686 Snaggletooth Outerwear Giveaway!

22 Feb, 2011

One of the outerwear collections that really stands out on the mountain and that i’m a huge fan of is the 686 Snaggletooth jacket series that showcases a fun dysfunctional family on snowboard outerwear.  Since everyone has some creativity and ability to be dysfunctional, you can win the 686 Snaggletooth Jr Jacket in XL by leaving a comment with what you would call yourself if you were in the Snaggletooth family.  Would you be one-eyed jacket or crazy toothed billy bob?  The names are endless and one winner will get this Snaggletooth Jr jacket to ride this season!

Steps to win the 686 Snaggletooth Jr Jacket:

1.  Think of the dysfunctional Snaggletooth family and if you were part of it, what would your name be?

2.  Leave a comment with the name of your Snaggletooth Monster and make sure to use your correct email address.

3.  Remember this is a Men’s XL jacket.  You cannot trade out or get another size when you win.

4.  This contest is open to anyone around the world!

5.  The contest will go till Saturday, February 26th at midnight and a winner will be announced on Sunday, February 27th.

Thanks to 686 for letting me giveaway such a rad jacket!

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From the beginning of time, I was Shannon. From the beginning of snowboarding, I was Shay. From the beginning of online communities, I was Shayboarder. In the end, I’m the writer, photographer, editor, publisher, guru of sorts, product tester, curvy girl, and most importantly the snowboarder behind it all. Follow me on this journey through snowboarding, mountain biking, traveling and fun experiences!

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  1. February 26, 2011

    Toof LeBoof

    ps, I actually had my front teeth knocked out at a Burton party in NYC, was not cool, I should get the jacket just for that!

  2. February 26, 2011


  3. omar
    February 26, 2011


  4. James
    February 26, 2011

    Well, these aren’t really me, but they are names I thought of based off of the 2 Snaggletooth jackets they have now.

    Mindslow the Powder Bro’

    Braindead the Misled Deadhead

    One-Eyed Fried Guy

    Yella’ Dogg in the Brain Fog

    Ol’ Yella’ the Irie Fella’

    Mellow Yellow the Brain Jello Fellow

    Stupified the Brain Fried

    ‘Ol Yella’ Stoner, the Brain Cell Donor

    One Eyed Stoner, the IQ Donor

    Ol’ Yella’ Vampire, O.G. Always Higher

    Teacher Chong, Irie Long Bong

    Stoned Ass Yellow Guy, Damn Near Always Fried

    The King of Weed, Oh Yes Indeed

    Always Gettin’ Stoned, Almost Never Home

    Feelin’ Kinda’ Slow, the Irie Shredda’ Bro

    Okay, I didn’t plan this, but here goes, I wound up goin’ on a rhymin’ spree & this is what I came up with, later.

    All up in that daze, after gettin’ blazed,
    they say it’s just a phase, but I’m always gettin’ hazed,
    it’s the “new” craze, your eyes gettin’ glazed,
    & if you didn’t know, well now I’m gettin’ tazed,
    by the po-po, because they all know,
    that I’m dealin’ weed, & my mind’s kinda’ slow,
    I can’t help it bro’, ’cause I’m addicted yo,
    I just don’t know how to done let it go,
    so here’s the situation, I am up for hire,
    if you didn’t know, well my Zippo’s got some fire,
    we can go into the woods & then you will straight see,
    why my eyes are bloodshot & I’m callin’ you homey,
    I could keep on rhymin’ but I gotta’ go to bed,
    I’d love to stay & entertain but then I would be dead,
    ’cause up in the mornin’ if I don’t get some sleep,
    I might look like this guy, the yellow eyed freak,
    his name’s Snaggletooth but he’s just a crackhead,
    smokin’ weed & then some rocks until his brain’s dead,
    his only purpose bein’ here is to teach us a lesson,
    don’t be doin’ all those drugs & turn into a hessian,
    yellow eyed stoned freak geek of the week now,
    singin’ stupid rap songs yellin’ out boo-yeah,
    I’m a gonna’ let it go & see ya’ all later,
    from the snowboarder who grew up a sk8er,
    get me some sleep & then get my butt to church,
    so I can write a real rhyme & not have to search,
    for the meaning of life, I’ve been there done that,
    spent many years just tryin’ to figure out,
    where the love was at & if it’s even real,
    now I know where He’s at, it’s time to get ill,
    so with all that said, I’m gonna let ya’ all go,
    comin’ from the yella’ eyed vampire bro’…,

    MC Snaggletooth

    I got things to do, I gotta’ get up in the mornin’,

  5. James
    February 26, 2011

    I guess I’d be MC Snaga-toof, later, peace! :o)