Bataleon Snowboards 2011-2012

17 Feb, 2011

When you think of TBT, only one company comes to mind for standing out from the crowd and doing a shape that works.  Bataleon Snowboards patented TBT in 1998 and the concept has fully developed into a brand defined by the movement in a range of boards with variations for different riders.  And if you don’t believe them, they just tell you to try one because all it takes is one TBT board to get you to see the TBT way of riding.

TBT is flat between the bindings with angled side bases that are lifted with gradually increasing angles.  The uplift starts from flat in the binding area to a maximum increase at the widest point in the board. TBT comes in many options: jib, twin, freestyle, all mountain and freeride.

New for 11-12, Bataleon changed their nose and tail shapes with updated nose and tail ramps to a longer smoother uplift curve, the TBT has been taken further out all the way through the tip and tail bends to the ends of the board, all boards now have an extra kick or increased TBT after the effective edge giving a looser feeling board with more pow floating qualities without sacrificing edge hold.

Bataleon Omni

Unmatched directional carving and floating abilities, the omni does it all and all well plus has extra backseat inserts for those deep powder days.  Freeride TBT, directional shape, directional flex, party pattern, reactor core, sintered base, lightning edge, triax laminate, flex=5-6-6

Up Close look at the Bataleon Backseat inserts found on the omni and undisputed

Bataleon Airobic

The go-to park board with a perfect twin park flex and shape for rails, kickers, jibs, even the streets.  Jib TBT, core core, extruded base, precise pattern, biax laminate, lightning edge, flex=7-8-7.

Sizes:  148, 151, 154, 156W, 157

Bataleon Disaster

All new affordable jib board with jib TBT, twin shape and twin flex, toughcore, extruded base, hammer edge, biax laminate, flex rating=8-9-8

Sizes:  148, 151, 153, 156

Bataleon Airobic (left) and Disaster (right)

Bataleon Riot

The most tech true twin with basalt stringer enforced tips and tail amplify the already preloaded pop, perfect for big kicker lines and super stable on double black diamonds.  Twin TBT, twin shape and twin flex, sintered base, core core, party pattern, triax laminate, lightning edge, flex=4-5-4.

Sizes:  151, 154, 157, 159W

Bataleon Evil Twin (artist edition)

A special version of the new and improved Evil Twin with a love and war combo with the amazing female photographer tag team Petrovski & Ramone.  Twin TBT, twin shape and flex, sintered base, core core, precise pattern, triax laminate, lightning edge, flex=5-6-5.

Sizes:  152, 154, 157

Bataleon Evil Twin

The new and enhanced TBT tip and tail lets you fly through any kind of snow with ease, this board feels at home in the park but handles everything else.  Twin TBT, twin shape and flex, core core, sintered base, precise pattern, triax laminate, lightning edge, sintered base, flex=6-7-6.

Sizes:  149, 152, 154, 156W, 157, 159W

Bataleon Riot (left), Evil Twin (artist edition) and Evil Twin (right)

Bataleon Violenza

The perfect women’s all mountain board with loads of forgiveness.  This season it’s trimmed down and narrowed at the waistline.  Women’s All mountain TBT, directional shape, directional flex, core core, extruded base, triax laminate, lightning edge, precise pattern, flex=7.

Sizes:  146, 149, 151, 154

Bataleon Distortia

This board feels right at home in the park for the female rider a very forgiving and fun board.  Women’s twin TBT, twin shape and twin flex, precise pattern, core core, extruded base, biax laminate, lightnight edge, flex=7-8-7.

Sizes:  143, 146, 149, 152

Bataleon Feelbetter

The Les Ettes Collabo.  Snowboarding makes you smell bad but Les Ettes four flavors of perfume will make you smell better.  Park or cruisin, it’s all good on this board.  Women’s Freestyle TBT, twin shape and twin flex, toughcore, extruded base, wide pattern, biax laminate, hammer edge, flex=8.

Sizes:  143, 146, 149, 152

Bataleon Whatever

Whatever the conditions, terrain or riding style, this board does it all and does it all well.  Lightning edges, TBT enhanced power pop, lively flex, freestyle TBT, twin shape and flex, precise pattern, core core, extruded base, lightning edge, biax laminate, flex=7.

Sizes:  150, 153, 156, 158W, 159

Bataleon Goliath

One board quiver killer with TBT tip and tail concave comes with preloaded pop, freestyle TBT, twin shape and flex, core core, sintered base, triax laminate, lightning edge, precise pattern, flex=6.

Sizes:  150, 153, 156, 157W, 158, 160W, 161, 163W

Bataleon The Jam

The most aggressive all mountain board perfect for those riders that can’t wait and just wanna point it and go.  Take the mountain with precision and speed on this board.  All Mountain TBT, twin shape and flex, basalt enhanced, reactor core, sintered base, party pattern, triax laminate, lightning base, flex=5.

Sizes:  156, 159, 161W, 162

Bataleon Enemy+++

No expenses spared, none held back and only the very best of the very best of materials like a crazy nano carbon hi speed base, super light full woodcore supported top and bottom by full basalt fibers for volcanic pop and explosive edge to edge responsiveness.  All Mountain TBT, twin shape, directional flex, carbon enhanced, verylight core, nano carbon hs, party pattern, basalt biax, lightning edge, flex=4-5-5.

Sizes: 157, 160, 163

Bataleon Evil Twin, Goliath, The Jam, Enemy +++

Bataleon Undisputed

Ruthless all mountain directional killer with a new and improved TBT nose to increase float in powder and make the board perfect for blasting through snow conditions.  Freeride TBT, directional shape, directional flex, carbon enhanced, reactor core, backseat inserts, party pattern, triax laminate, lightning edge, flex=3-4-4.

Sizes:  163, 167

Bataleon violenza, omni and undisputed

Bataleon Fun Kink

It will make you better than last season doing the same stuff but with more pop, better presses and bigger than you normally would.  Freestyle TBT, twin shape, twin flex, toughcore, extruded base, precise pattern, biax laminate, hammer edge, flex=8

Sizes:  148, 151, 154, 157, 160

Fun Kink is seen here in the middle – black board with hand shape on it

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  1. December 20, 2011

    Paul, Burton Malavita’s would be a great choice. I’d check out the Union Forces and Rome 390 Bosses as well.

  2. Max
    December 26, 2011

    Hi Shay!

    First of all thanks for every single review, it really helps me to choose wich board suits me the most. I’m 20y old, 43 EU foot size( I think that’s around 9US ), 1m80 tall, and 72kg.(I guess that’s average)

    So my riding style is like 50% all mountain and 40% jibs and 10% pow, and I don’t think I’m going to do alot more of freestyle.

    I was thinking about the Goliath from Bataleon or the Proto CT from Never Summer(since they both are FS and FR I think?? And I like the graphics, because they match my Union Contact Pro’s from Union.

    I just don’t feel like spending around $800 for the NS [yes, Never Summer is expensive in my country 🙁 ] So would the Goliath be as good as the Proto CT considering I don’t have much experience yet(5 seasons)?

    And also is there alot of difference between the 156 or the 153?

    Thanks for helping me out!

  3. ashwinearl
    December 29, 2011

    Can I get a suggestion for Battaleon board? I’m male, 43yrs old, intermediate rider in mid-Atlantic area of USA, lots of man-made snow, and ice. Size US8boots, 5’5″ tall, 140lbs No park, just cruising. I want a board that will let me turn fast and ride narrow trails better. I’m currently on a 151 K2 Believer. It has their flatline camber. It is stable on the cat tracks and doesn’t catch edges. But it seems slow to go edge to edge, esp. trying to goto heelside.

    the Goliath 153 was suggested, but not sure if that is too long? I am also torn between a Bataleon and one of the magnetraction boards.
    Any help would be appreciated.

  4. December 29, 2011

    Max, Awesome to hear! Both the Goliath and Proto are great options, definitely the goliath would handle what you are asking for and definitely comparable to the Proto. For size, it’s tough since you could ride both but since you ride more mountain, i’d say 156 over the 153 size.

    Ash, the 153 size would be suitable for your weight and give you more stability on the mountain. MTX boards definitely had good edgehold for the icy conditions. Check out the Phoenix or Riders Choice. Goliath would be a good choice as well, TBT does a good job on edgehold but MTX has the upper hand.

  5. Andrey
    January 03, 2012

    Hello. I’d like to get more info on Whatever. Is it good at riding at high speeds? I’m wander if it’s stable enough. Isn’t it too soft for this?

  6. Gatt
    January 10, 2012

    Hey Shay! Great job man, keep on!
    I am thinking of ET, but not sure of the size. I m riding mostly mountain, and a little park, and i m 6′ tall, 172 lbs, boot size US11. Could you please help?

  7. Andrew
    January 14, 2012

    I want to get the disaster but i don’t know what size. I’m 5″11 and 180 lbs and i pretty much only ride rails and jibs. what size do you think i should get?

  8. January 15, 2012

    Andrey, I haven’t had the chance to ride the Whatever yet so your guess is as good as mine.

    Gatt, Thanks! Are you sure on the Evil Twin since you ride more mountain? Maybe the Riot would be a better choice. For size, 155-157cm would suit you.

    Andrew, Either the 151 or 153 depending on how small you want to go.

  9. January 16, 2012

    Vorrei comprare tavola bataleon Bataleon Evil Twin
    159 wide prezzo?!grazie attendo

  10. Len Verwoerd
    January 19, 2012

    I’ve just come back from my first snowboarding trip. Still in pain, but loving it.
    I rented kit, but am definitely thinking about buying my own for the next time.
    At this moment I’m undecided between the Evil Twin and the Goliath. Like I said, I’m brand new to this and for now just really wanna cruise, but hopefully improve fast enough to really give it a go.
    I am 5″10 and about 155 lbs, wearing UK 8,5.
    P.S. How big is the difference between the 2011 and current models of the two boards I’ve mentioned?

  11. Steve
    January 20, 2012

    I currently ride a Custom X 151, but is rather old and battered and want to get a Bataleon. I do mostly Freestyle riding, messing about all over with some time in the park. I’m 5’5″ at 140lb wearing 8.5 boot. Def looking for something softer and more playful than the Custom this time round.. Currently looking at ET, Fun.kirk and Disaster, just wondering whcih you think might suit best. Also would 152 ET be to big – was thinking I should go for a smaller board for more freestyle riding?

  12. Meesh
    February 09, 2012

    Hi, I’m looking for a new board.
    But i was wondering if it was more dangerous to buy a men’s board?
    I’m not a complete beginner, but not yet intermediate.
    I’m 5’5 60 kg, foot size 6 in mens.
    I’m considering Whatever and Funkink in 150.
    Would it be too difficult for me?

  13. February 21, 2012

    Len, generally boards don’t change too much year to year. The better deal is the older model if it hasn’t changed. You’d just want to compare specs. Goliath would be a good fit for you, Evil Twin is a bit more park, aggressive.

    Steve, Sweet on wanting a Bataleon! Definitely the 152cm would be the right size, you could go lower but i think you’ll be fine on it and it’s suitable for jumps. So depends on what you ride in the park, ET for more jumps focus. Disaster or Fun Kink for more softer, jibs, rails.

    Meesh, awesome on the new board. So you are a women’s size 8? You don’t need a men’s board unless you feel like learning on one. A woman’s board will be narrower, more forgiving and the width you want.

  14. Rob
    February 24, 2012


    6ft2″ rider, 75kgs, US12 boot, looking at my first Bataleon, all-mountain mainly, but want to get into my jibs/butters, tried the 57 evil twin, seemed a bit stiff… not had chance to try the goliath 57w, or the fun-kink 57….. but I can get either…. Shay any thoughts?

  15. Len Verwoerd
    February 25, 2012

    Hi Shay,

    Thanks for the response.
    I ended up getting the 158 Goliath 11/12 model and absolutely loved it. I actually managed to link turns, something I couldn’t do on my first trip.
    Thanks again,

  16. February 25, 2012

    Rob, Awesome on your first Bataleon! Definitely if you think the evil twin is too stiff, go for the fun kink or something softer in the line. Are you able to demo either one?

    Len, Awesome! So happy to hear you like the board!

  17. Rob
    February 26, 2012

    Cheers Shay,

    Can’t demo either unfortunately, well I can demo my mates funkink 54, although I would be going for the 57. It seems soft! I think the ‘whatever’ seems like a compromise, but the store near me doesn’t have it… thanks for the advice. Is the goliath the same stiffness as the evil twin then?

  18. JJ
    March 06, 2012

    Demo’d a 161 Goliath this weekend. Had it on icy steeps, soft-packer powder and some slushy crud. Wiredsport had a 156 Whatever but it was blown so I ended up with Goliath. Currently ride an older Santa Cruz Perfect 10. On icy conditions, I’d say my Perfect 10 cuts better with its more agressive camber BUT… the Goliath beat the crap it on anything but icy steeps. Just started riding this season at 48 so I’m not interested in bombing the mountain. The Goliath was incredible. Yes there is a slight delay initiating turns but I found it to be extremely stable and forgiving. Had 2 days to ride and it was a blast. It took a day to get used to but on day 2, I doubled my speed on this board, took on some runs I would probably not done with the Perfect and never felt like I was going to catch an edge especially when riding flat. Skating was a pain because the edges are angled up but that’ll just take time to get used to. Plus the board needed a stomp – the deck was super slick. I plan to demo a GNU Rider’s Choice and then pick one of these 2. I had so much fun on the Goliath though, I may just got for it and skip the GNU demo.

  19. Lazzzy
    May 12, 2012

    Well, its that time of year again here in New Zealand, I forgot to review the Bat 149 Feel Better last season and the Rome 390’s. Im not an expert or anything but between the FB and Roxy 147 BTX Eminence I didnt notice much difference, they both are super forgiving in our icy conditions and easy to transition from edge to edge. Love them both…just cant ride them at the same time haha. As for the Rome Bindings love the toe cap and super comfy strap…didnt even feel like I was in a binding. Could barely feel any chatter at speed. Does this all makes sense…Im not up on the lingo 🙂 Hope everyone had a good winter just gone. Shay youre awesome.

  20. May 13, 2012

    Rob, pretty close flex but differs throughout the board more on the evil twin.

    JJ, sweet to hear your experience with the Goliath! Thanks for sharing and rad you got out on it! Keep demo’ing, it’s fun to see which boards you like more than others.

    Lazzzy, awesome to hear! Stoked you were able to get out on new boards and get a feel for them!

  21. Ana
    May 16, 2012

    I need some advice regarding what board should I buy. I’m 165 cm tall and I weight about 54 kilos. I’ve been on snow for just one season, meaning I am a total beginner. I am wondering what type of board would you recommend and which size?

  22. April 24, 2013


    I need help choosing a size for my next board, a Bataleon Violenza 2013, should i take the 149 or the 151?
    I ride powder, groomers and I would like to try a bit of buttering (presses) and park (kickers)
    I want it to float easily on powder and stay stable at high speed on groomers but also to be playful, soft enough to butter a bit and really stay easy to ride (lots of forgiveness) as I still am a intermediate rider.

    I am about 1m64 and weight about 60kg (can goup to 65 but try to keep it around 58/62 kg)
    I’ve been riding a 147 Nidecker angel ever since.

    thank you for your help!