Glove Review: Celtek Misty

05 Feb, 2011

Intended Purpose: Men’s glove designed to be lightweight and great for a spring/pipe glove on the mountain.

Location: I’ve worn these gloves for most of January at Mammoth Mountain and a powder day at June Mountain

Conditions: I’ve worn these gloves on a majority of sunny bluebird days with warm to colder temps but also on a powder day at June Mountain with colder temps and deep snow.

Sizing: I have typical women’s hands.  I’m rocking the misty’s in the mens medium which fit but are looser than I’d like, the men’s smalls would fit me better.  The good news is the mediums just have extra width room in the palm but the wrist room and finger length is fine on the gloves.

Color: I bought these in the blue lagoon colorway which actually matches my snowboard pants (favorite color).  The blue lagoon glove has blue/black palm with crazy designs of monsters, on the top of the glove is the celtek and a little monster (celtek dude) with the logo.  They are bright, fun and playful…I like all three.

Features: The Celtek Misty is a men’s pipe glove in the celtek line.  The glove features a comfy four-way stretch nylon, lil’ green buds fleece lining, go getta grip on the palms for extra grabbing.  Easy to slip on, neoprene and suede on the glove.  The suede nosewipe comes in handy for the nose dribble days, the material will hold up on the cold days but its not meant to be a winter glove but the grip is definitely quality and great so far.

Durability: These gloves have held up through January so far, they got in some powder riding at June Mountain on a cold snowy day in deep snow.  They lasted throughout the day until the end when they started to freeze but I was impressed with a spring glove lasting that long in those conditions.  On the sunny warm days, they are perfect for lapping park with and protecting me from the conditions.  Despite being ridden in this many days, they look perfect with no wear/tear on them.

Thoughts: I love spring/pipe gloves for wearing on the mountain but I always look for the durability since there isn’t much to the glove.  This was my first time with Celtek and I was impressed with how they gloves had held up so far, the quality is there and they look brand new despite being ridden in a good amount for January.  On the powder day, they held up and didn’t get wet till the end of the day and even then, the wetness was barely there.  On warm sunny days they are perfect and I love the bright look of them.  Despite the medium fitting a tad big on me, I’ve still been rocking them and know now to go with the men’s small in the future.

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On-snow photos
Misty Gloves on a powder day
Grabbing tail press with the Celtek Misty gloves
Celtek Misty Description

Review Disclosure: I bought these gloves from Dogfunk.

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  1. Brek Leines
    February 07, 2011

    I own these exact gloves, I use them almost every time I ride. I free ride these gloves and teach in them, I have been using them all season and have almost ZERO wear on them. Very durable, comfortable, and warm for a pipe glove. I have ridden many other pipe gloves and these are hands down my favorite.