Jones Snowboards 2011-2012

04 Feb, 2011

Find your line and ride it – that’s certainly what Jeremy Jones did when it came to designing and starting his own snowboard company last year.  In year two, Jones Snowboards looks stronger than ever with freeriding boards that bring out the pure hearts of riders.  With such a big name and team behind the brand, the boards are the soul of snowboarding and certainly stand out from the crowd at SIA.  Year two also means progression for the boards, smaller sizes for the ladies/smaller riders and more splitboards for the riders going deeper into the mountains.

The new L series gives smaller riders options for snowboards like the flagship 154cm, solution splitboard 154cm, mountain twin splitboard 154cm.  Jones will also be releasing sofgoods with t-shirts, hoodies and trucker hats with a couple different Jones designs on them.

The Solution

The premier backcounry assault weapon is back with pop, stability and float in an all-terrain splitboard.  Featuring inner and outer magne traction, directional rocker profile with traditional camber underfoot, forgiving flex pattern you can ride centered or setback, blunt nose, FSC wood core, full wood core, flip flop base, carbon stringers, recycled base, sintered base, ALU project.

Sizes:  154LS (24.6ww), 158 (24.9ww), 161 (25.2ww), 164 (25.4ww), 163W (26.2ww), 168W (26.2ww)

Jones Flagship (left) and Jones Solution splitboard (right)

The  Flagship

Big mountain freeriding demands power and agility and the flagship delivers with no speed limit and constant precision on the mountain. Mellow magne-traction, blunt nose, directional rocker (more rocker near the nose than near tail) and camber underfoot, FSC wood core, full wood core, flip flop base, carbon stringers, recycled base, sintered base, wood topseet.

Sizes:  154 LS (24.6ww), 158 (24.9ww), 161 (25.2ww), 164 (25.4ww), 163W (26.3ww), 168W (26.3ww)

Jones Flagship (up close)

The Mountain Twin

Rips terrain like a freestyle board with a freeride heart featuring a twin profile, directional flex, camrock frees up the tip and tail for extra float with camber underfoot, mellow magne-traction, FSC wood core, full wood core, film topsheet, carbon stringers, sintered base.

Sizes:  151LS (24.9ww), 155 (25.2ww), 159 (25.5ww), 160W (26.0ww), 164W (26.3ww), 159 split (25.5ww)

Jones Solution splitboard (left) and Jones Mountain Twin (right)

The Hovercraft

Featuring an old-school longboard into a nimble all mountain charger.  Blunt nose, directional rocker with camber underfoot and rocker towards the nose of the board, mellow magne-traction, FSC wood core, full wood core, film topsheet, sintered base, flip flop base.

Sizes:  152 (25.6ww), 156 (26ww), 160 (26.4ww), 156 split (26ww)

L-R: Jones Mountain Twin, Flagship, Hovercraft splitboard, Hovercraft splitboard, Mountain Twin splitboard

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  1. February 04, 2011

    ill take one of each please!

  2. Fes
    February 04, 2011

    Mountain twin in a 151??? HELL YES!

  3. Richard
    February 04, 2011

    “Magne-traction” on a Jones? I always thought that was a proprietary Mervin/Lib term. Is that not the case?

  4. February 04, 2011

    Richard, great question. Jones has the approval from mervin to use magne traction on their boards. Smokin also has magne traction.

  5. Francis
    February 04, 2011

    Rossignol too 😉 patented license 😉

  6. ble
    February 04, 2011

    so im assuming thats the mountain twin split in the last pic on the right? so toked on that, i think thats what ive been waiting for to go ahead and save up a solid g for a split setup next year, all the used ones i see are super directional, some of us like to spin.

  7. oldwor
    February 05, 2011

    Has anybody seen the patent for magne traction?

    No, cause it doesnt exist. Comclovin had a write up about it a while back.