June 2/12/11

12 Feb, 2011

I haven’t made my way to June Mountain as much as I’d like but I finally went back to check it out and see what it was like on a non-powder day.  As we pulled up, the parking lot was busy for June but still not busy at all.  I think June has the most amazing scenery surrounding the mountain, just breathtaking views and the mountain itself offers more mellow vibes with a fun park.

I ended up taking out the Arbor Swoon for the day, it’s a new board for Arbor coming out in 2012.  Since we hung out on the more mellow terrain, I got to really test it playing around, riding switch and carving before taking it into the pipe and park.

June has taco tuesdays where you can enjoy tacos in their taco (halfpipe).  I’m quite jealous because it sounds so much fun but I work on Tuesdays!  Someday!  The halfpipe was a blast though and trying to get the balls to hit a barrel feature at the bottom after the pipe.

Ended the day with the last lap down the cat track to get to the parking lot

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