Mammoth 2/6/11

06 Feb, 2011

I definitely wasn’t in a rush to snowboard after SIA and the on-snow, just wanted sometime to relax but today definitely felt the need to be back on the slopes in the warm sunny california sunshine.   Plus it gave me a chance to ride the NS Proto again before the review goes up.

I headed up to meet Pat Stahl on the mountain and we took a couple laps with Luke who did the chilean super 8 video I put up months ago.  Good laps through all the parks (small to big) for us.

Canyon 18′ Pipe is open!  Finally!!!!

Pat Stahl almost blends in with the trees on his method in Forest Trail

Pat and I enjoying the sundeck at McCoy Station for a shred break

For the last couple runs of the day, we met up with Jenna who runs adrenaline hot tub and Brad.  Jenna was taking her tricks from the AcroBag in Stomping Grounds to the jumpline and finally trying to get inverted which she did.  She caught the nose on landing but almost there!

It was a fun day in the sun, nothing crazy but good turns with rad people.  I headed in early for a couple hours of sunlight with the dog so she could get outside and enjoy it.

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