YES Snowboards 2011-2012

21 Feb, 2011

Three years ago big name riders were dropped from a big name brand but instead of going quietly and saying no, they created YES Snowboards.  Now when you watch Absinthe’s latest film, the constant array of YES snowboards is present and screaming loud across the screen.  JP, DCP and Romain are the riders behind the brand but they’ve acquired team riders like Tadashi Fuse and Madison Ellsworth to their family.

For 2012, YES brings you the great women of history, the basic, big city (Romain’s), pick your line (DCP’s), TDF (Tadashi’s) and Jackpot (JP’s).  The boards come in regular camber and some boards in cam-rock (camber between the bindings, rocker outside of the bindings).

YES The Basic

Sometimes simple ideas make things look good.  All bases and topsheets come in 2 different combinations using their respective length colors.  Regular camber or camrock, true twin, master composite wood core, multi, 6000 base,  diamond stone finish, strategic carbon placement, die-cut.

Sizes:  135, 139, 143, 146, 150, 155, 157, 157W, 159, 159W, 163W, 166W

Junior Size:  100, 110, 120

YES Big City

Twin-directional, master composite wood core, multi, 8000 base, diamond stone finish, vibra-kevlar, die-cut

Sizes:  152, 154, 156, 158, 160, 162W

YES Pick Your Line

The DCP series “Pick Your Line” is exactly what the title represents, it’s that one place in that particular moment of time where you want to be on the mountain.  It’s about creating your own adventure.  Directional-camrock, master composite wood core, strategic carbon placement, multi, vibra-kevlar, 9000 base (100% eco), die-cut, diamond stone finish, freeflex 1.0, FLB.

Sizes:  154, 156, 159, 161, 161W, 164W, 167W

YES Great Women

Sophia, Marilyn, Bridget, Audrey, Elizabeth & Iman, some of the most beautiful & iconic women to ever walk this earth.  Twin flex with asym twin shape, rocker, master composite wood core, multi, diamond stone finish, 9000 eco base, carbon, die cut.  Base comes in 3 different color combinations.

Sizes:  150, 153, 155, 158, 160, 163W


Tadashi’s board series is based on Japanese tradition, Koi-nobori (Koi shaped streamers).  Twin shape, twin flex, camber, master composite wood core, multi, 9000 eco base, diamond stone finish, carbon, kevlar, die-cut.  Base coming in 2 different color combinations.

Sizes:  139, 143, 147, 150, 154, 157


YES Jackpot

JP’s board with a lighter swing weight, true twin, mellow mag, popcore, multi, carbon, diecut, freeflex 1.0, diamond stone finish, 8000 sintered base.

Sizes:  146, 149, 152, 154, 156. 158

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  1. Say Yes To Misogyny
    February 21, 2011

    Ok, I will say it, and this is as a male rider: Yes follows up Great Dudes of History (men chosen for the impact they had on the world, I assume) with a tribute to women, and on what basis? How attractive they are percieved to have been. Nice work fellas. I’m not saying they can’t do this – whatever, look at Burton’s nudie boards (which I liked), I’m just saying this is a weird way to follow up to a set of boards featuring people who had great and lasting impact on the world (positive and negative, might I add). Lastly – I wonder if these are still made in Tunisia (watch the news to figure out why that is such a cheap place to make a board). I welcome your feedback.

    How about great Dictators of History for 2013 – it’s a bit of the odd choice to tribute column, and a bit of the Tunisia column?

    Don’t get me wrong, I hear they ride really well (if perhaps done after two seasons).

  2. Nic
    February 22, 2011

    Camber on the Jackpot?

  3. February 22, 2011

    Hey Shay!

    Any info on waist width other specs?

    wow! why am I all amped up to know?


  4. February 22, 2011

    @Say Yes To Misogyny, I believe all Yes snowboards are made in Switzerland at the Nidecker factory.

    So it looks like a Great Dictators is out of the question. 🙂

  5. Say Yes To Misogyny....
    February 22, 2011

    @Andy – sorry but this year’s (and Jones too) were made in Tunisia. Not sure about next year. I think that post refers to year one, next year is year three.

    I am ready for Great Dictators, I think it would be sweet. How about Great Walls of the World? China has a doozy.

  6. Pete
    May 03, 2011

    I am looking at my Yes Optimistic right now, and it was made in Switzerland at the Nidecker factory….just stop.

  7. Francis
    May 07, 2011

    Yes Pick Your Line 161… looks to be a great freeride machine… 😉 could be my pick for 2012 😉

  8. Ocie
    May 18, 2011


    Does it say “Made In Switzerland” or “Engineered In Switzerland” those are two different things. Apple Products are “Designed In California” , but all of them are made in China.

  9. J
    May 22, 2011

    On the Basic board, will the Camrock be available in all sizes or just one like on last year’s model (162 I think it was)? Just I’ll be goign for one of the shorter lengths but want Camrock.


  10. Chump
    June 13, 2011

    Anyword on how the camber for the Jackpot works? From the video preview i saw it doesn’t sound like the regular camrock, but if i am wrong there please correct me! Cheers.

  11. Paul Watt
    July 13, 2011

    Some are made in Switzerland, and some in Tunisia. The Tunisia factory is actually more advanced. The Great Beauties also comes in an alternate graphic, the Great Boobs of History.

  12. Frederic
    September 19, 2011

    Do y’all reckon the beauties 160 could be ridden with a 12 boot? I can’t find specs on this line anywhere.

  13. September 22, 2011

    Frederic, the YES snowboard site is up with the specs. 160 is a 25.3 ww

  14. TY
    October 09, 2011

    Hey all,
    I’d like to pick up the 158 Great Beauties or the 159 Basic. I have size 11 Forum boots. Think the 25.1 waist width on the 158 Beauties will work for me (15 degrees on both bindings) without any heel or toe drag? The 159 Basic has a 25.3 ww. Think I like the Beauties a little more….

  15. October 13, 2011

    Ty, you don’t need to worry with size 11’s on a 25 ww, the .2 difference isn’t much between the boards.

  16. Dan
    December 27, 2011

    Alright, so I don’t know if you’ve demoed the Great Beauties or how extensive your knowledge of it is, but I am wondering if you know what the differences are between the GDOH and the GBOH. It seems that they’re quite similar, but I’m under the assumption that there are at least a few modifications and/or updates (other than the sizes).

    Also, I’m interested in this year’s Salomon Grip. It won a Good Wood award and seems to have everything, but I am leaning towards the GBOH. I’m looking for a board that can do it all, and while both boards are what I’m basically looking for, the asym cut and CamRock shape on the GBOH have me leaning towards it. Other than that, I’ve looked at the K2 Happy Hour a little as well.