Goggle Review: Dragon APX

01 Mar, 2011

Intended Purpose: The Dragon APX combines modern, minimalist design with an increased peripheral vision through Dragon’s frameless infinity lens technology.

Location: I rode these goggles during day one of the SIA on-snow at Winter Park, CO.

Conditions: I’ve spent the majority of time riding these on overcast flat light conditions.

Color: I checked out the Dragon APX in the standard design with the black strap and white dragon logo on the strap.  The goggles themselves are pretty basic on the strap, nothing flashy but the noticeable dragon logo.  I liked the black strap and it worked for me since the goggle itself is noticeable from the lens and design more than the strap.

Lens: We think I rode the blue ions lens at the on-snow (checked with Pash from Dragon to figure it out) and luckily for me the lenses held up great for the flat light conditions and made visibility a lot better.

Fit: I wasn’t sure how the apx’s would do with fit on my face but the goggles actually were secure and fitting around my nose without having an extra space.  They were a large peripheral fit and definitely a noticeably bigger goggle than the spy bias I’ve been riding in but still fit my face comfortably.

Helmet Compatibility: I wore the Dragon APX with a Bern helmet for the day and it fit fine for helmet compatibility.  I was comfortable wearing the goggles and easy to adjust to the helmet.

Visibility: Probably the biggest peripheral vision I’ve ever had on a goggle.  The wide range of lens just made it so I felt like I had way more vision than other goggles and it wrapped around my face.  The lens worked with the conditions and no fogging at all during the day which meant being able to have clear visibility of the riding conditions and snow in front of me.

Features: The Dragon APX goggle features infinity lens technology which means elminating the frame and increasing peripheral vision without having to sacrifice size.  Lens interchangeability is simple and fast.  The Super anti-fog lasts twice as long as any other anti-fog treatments on the market and tested by Dragon riders.  Armored venting provides durable ventilation for allowing your goggles to breathe and prevent fogging in the harshest of conditions.  Polar tech fleece absorbs moisture, feels nice on your face and is hypoallergenic.  Additional tech points are a optically correct lens, uni-directional flow, helmet compatible (which I can vouch for on the Bern helmet) and 100% UV protection.

Durability: I didn’t really get a chance to test out the durability on the APX since I only rode them for one day and didn’t have any encounters with trees, falls or anything that would have really tested them.  I’d definitely like to try them over a longer period of time and in a variety of conditions to get a better feel for them.

Thoughts: The APX goggles definitely offered up a wide peripheral view for the mountain and the lens I rode in, gave me a lot more visibility than my own personal goggles that day.  I was able to see clearly and see widely on each run that I took with the APX’s.  They fit my face and the Bern helmet comfortably.  I didn’t encounter any kind of fogging from just your average day of riding (but I also wasn’t hiking or doing any strenuous activity either).  It would be fun to play with the APX goggles longer in the season and test out the lens interchangeability as well.

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On-snow photos
Dragon APX Goggle Description

Review Disclosure: I demoed this goggle at the SIA on-snow.

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    Look like an astronaut’s faceshield IMO

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    March 01, 2011